African American Lolitas

Great Day Otakus, Geeks, Fashionistas, Loli's ... EVERYBODY! I hope all has been fashionably well in my absence. Of which, I sincerely apologize and I missed you all bunches, but I've been busy launching my Kick Starter for a solo exhibit, iPukeKAWAiI! I'm back though and have a treat! As an African American everyday Lolita, it was a breath of fresh air to meet another at this year's Katsucon 18.

As it happened, I was dashing off to an afternoon tea party when I ran into and her style instantly hit home. Her style, simple, sweet, and of all things comfortable, was enough to make me stop and ask to photograph her. We exchanged photos of each other's Lolita looks, talked a bit, and hugged. Seemingly to part ways ... and then I mentioned the tea party. As we scurried there we started talking about being local to the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area and finding other Lolitas, we exchanged fashion tips and such and then it hit me ... This was waaayyyyy cooler than the tea party. So we had our own - minus the tea, but we scored comfy seats and had good Lolita conversation. So it still equals such a tea party in my head.

Caitlin, an art teacher by profession and 2nd year Katsucon attendee, admitted to being a "very bad Loli" when she started dressing. She expressed that she used to be bent on boycotting large & expensive brands until she started doing research the more she dressed and getting into the Lolita lifestyle. As such, she's since turned that boycott frown upside down and gave props to brands such as Angelic Pretty and Fan Plus Friend, to name a few. Taking note from these brands and reading publications such as the Goth Lolita Bible, she's taken to making her own Lolita garments with her bits of personal touches such as beaded trim around a skirts lining or bows to some fresh Adidas

Of course, being an African American Lolita, you could probably imagine my excitement to sit and talk with her. As we started talking of some of the more "ethnic" parts of life, we both shared that while we're both great fans of the Japanese culture we are also greatly proud of our ethnic looks aside from being Lolita. Of those things, the biggest being the hair. Sure we can add cute blush to our cheeks and attach some of the BEST eyelashes, ruffles, bows, deco, and otherwise to add to an extravagant Lolita look, but what happens when it comes to the hair! With both of us noticing the same trend, that when we do see African American Lolita's, there hair is usually straight or they have a wig on to get closer to the Japanese style Lolita look. However, it's always a great day when you can create your own lane. Which is, agreeably, what African American Lolitas should take advantage of. Not to take anything away from Japanese-style Lolita or cause any divide, but to add to the fashion and culture as a whole. As such, we posed the question,

'Where are our Lolitas with the locks, twists, afros or afro puffs, braids, etc.? We want to meet YOU!"

So ending there, that question is not a rhetorical one. We WANT to know that you're there and we want you to share your Lolita experiences as you've come into this lifestyle.

If you want to see more of the great looks at Katsucon 18, feel free to check out the Katsucon blog!
Until next time!
~je t'adore!