Ouran High School Host Club Fanfic Ch. 4

*phone rings* I pick up the phone, not feeling well because I caught a cold. Guess who was on the other end...

Anime Angel-(congested) Hello? Angel speaking.

Tamaki: Angel? Hey it's Tamaki. You didn't come to school today. Are you okay?

Anime Angel: -(coughs) Actually my plan was to skip school and I got my wish but got sick in the process. The doctor said I won't be in for a whole week. Sorry. You have to find a replacement "door handeler" until I recover.

Tamaki:- No way. No one is going to replace you. Since tomorrow is Sunday, we as a club are coming for a visit.

Anime Angel: (alarmed) No senpai. it's ok. I just need some rest and I should be back before you know it. Plus the house is a wreck, I'm in bed and....

Tamaki- Nonesense. we will have someone clean up while you rest. No ifs, ands, or butts. We are coming over. Oh we will also bring some stuff to make you feel better like games!!!! Ok then see you tomorrow!

Anime Angel:- No senpai I said I'm...(dinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.)

I hung up the phone. Great now instead of using my energy to feel well, I have to use it all to defend myself from the club. It's going to be a an interesting day tomorrow.

Sakura Kiss Theme

"Despair Be Gone! Laughter Is the Best Medicine."

The next morning....

*Ding dong*

Anime Angel- (sigh) I bet those are my guests. Who is it?!

Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Honey- (singing) Angel-chan! Please come out and play!!!!

Anime Angel:- (coughs) Come on in guys. The door is open. Please make yourself at home and take off your shoes by the doorway please.

They all come in.

Tamaki: Angel, where are you?

Angel: Come down the hall (cough. cough) and it is the first door on the right. The door is opened. Oh and could the last person in close and lock the door. Thanks.

They come into my room and I could tell that my room isn't what they expected. My house isn't like Haruhi's and my house is not as big as the others, but it is medium size. Not too small and not too big. Just right for me. My room is a master bedroom complete with a bathroom and a sitting area and a media center.

Tamaki, Hikaru, Karou: Wow!

Honey: Angel this is amazing. It's such a cute room.

Angel:(chuckles) Thanks Senpai.

Haruhi: Here Angel. We brought you some flowers. We hope you feel better soon.

Angel:( sits up at takes the flowers) They are beautiful. Thank you so much. (Wow they managed to make me smile. Maybe it was a good idea for them to come).

Tamaki and the twins: (whispering with each other) Tamaki- Yes our plan to win Angel a smile step one is complete. Kaoru- But boss what is step number 2? Hikaru- Yeah I hope there is a step 2 or maybe a step 3?....

Angel:(I spoke too soon. Don't they know I can hear them?) Make yourself at home. I'll go and make everyone tea.
Haruhi: Nope you stay there and I'll make the tea. We don't you to stress out.

Angel: Yes but I need the exercise. I'm fine.

I start to stand but I felt woozy plopped right back into bed.

Honey: Oh Angel-chan don't do that.

Tamaki: Like I said to you on the phone, you are not doing anything until you feel better. You said that you will be in bed for a week right?

Angel: (coughs) Yes.

Tamaki: Kyoya. Can you call your doctors to see Angel right away.

Kyoya: Already called. One of them should be here in after the dinner hour. In the mean time, I think we should just keep Angel company till they arrive.

Angel: You guys don't have to do this. You'll get sick too if you stay by me.

Tamaki: Nonsense. We will be with you until you get better.

Hikaru: So got anything to do around here?

Angel: Well I have my PS2 and XBox 360 by the T.V.

Hikaru and Kaoru- Wanna play?

Angel : Sure.

Kyoya: Angel, do you have any books that I could read?

Angel: Sure. (coughs and points to the door at the left corner of my room) I have a library behind that door. I go in there to have some peace and quiet.

Kyoya: Well then if you excuse me. I'll be in the library if you need me.

Haruhi: While you guys stay here I'll go and make lunch.

Tamaki and Honey: Can we watch?!? Pleeeeeeeeeese. (gives puppy dog eyes)

Haruhi; (tear drop by her head) Um..

Mori: Honey....

Haruhi: No it's okay Mori-senpai. As long as they don't touch anything I will be fine.

Tamaki and Honey: Hurray!!

Mori: I'll watch these two while you cook.

Haruhi: Thank you. (looks at Angel) We will be back with a lunch you will never forget. Plus I'll make you some dinner in the process.

Angel: (holding back tears and smiles) Thank you Haruhi. Thank you everyone. Your the best friends I ever had!!!!!

I have never laughed so much in one day in my entire life. The twins kept me entertained by their bickering on who will be who on Tekken, I could hear Honey and Tamaki- senpai ohs and aws as Haruhi fixed lunch, and Kyoya and Mori-senpai was silent as a church mouse. At lunch, it was so lively. It made me feel that I had a family again. The worst day turned out to be the best day.

After Dinner

The doctor came as soon as we had finished eating. He checked my temperature and my fever went down to 99. He said all I need to do is just sleep for another day and I should be back to school on Tuesday.
Looks like a happy ending after all.

Kyoya: Now you better do what the doctor says. And you will pay for this visit.

Angel: What!!!!

Kyoya: You didn't think it was free did you? We DO have a club that needs funding.

Haruhi; (To herself) Sure senpai. Kick her while she's down. -_-

Angel: (says to herself) Kyoya....

Or so I thought... -_-

Stay tuned for more chapters. Anime Rules!!!!! ^-^