Dear Otakus AND Geeks

Moshi moshi Otakus AND Geeks!!!!

It's a new year with new goodness to talk about. But today is so NOT that day! The holidays are coming to a close and I hope everyone had a blast in 2011 with some memories to bring forward in 2012.

Be sure to mark your calendars as we begin to journey further into geeky art & fashion WEEKLY here on OtakusandGeeks. EVERY Sunday, I'll be sure to join the gang Sundays at 1pm in posting about some of the coolest with 'This Week in Fashion ... -or- Art ...' but ALWAYS with <3 IKB.

If EVER there's anything that you'd like to see me rant about, want opinions, or have something to share in art or fashion ... or BOTH, please feel free to hit me up!
It's painless, I SWEAR! But I'd love your input on how to make this a better convo between me & you!

So until next Sunday, enjoy your day of recovery & welcoming 2012 to its first day on the job!

<3 IKB!