Cosplay: An Underrated Art Form (A Salute To Cosplay)

If you've been a frequent reader then there is one thing you know about, we love, we respect and salute cosplay. For the past two years we've had Cosplay Girl and Boy Of The Week, this is where we showcase some of the best cosplayers that we can find. However till this day cosplay is viewed as a "geeky" thing. It's not really taken seriously outside the geek arena in some cases, till this day many people don't even understand cosplaying at all. Whether you believe it or not, cosplaying is more than just putting on an outfit and taking picture. Cosplay is a form of art, it's a form of expression and it's very overlooked an underrated.

Cosplay Is More Than An Outfit: For those who take cosplaying seriously, it takes more than just putting on an outfit and calling it cosplay. Those who take cosplay seriously get into character, and that is in the category of performance arts. Usually when you go to cons, events in geek culture, you have a lot of cosplayers, some good and some not, then you meet those special cosplayers that really dive in deep into the character. These cosplayers change they persona, mannerism and some even change they voice to give the audience one hell of a performance. Cosplaying takes talent believe or not. It takes a little bit of acting, a little bit of modeling skills, designing talent and a whole lot of charisma. If you ever been to a con, then you know the passion cosplayers have for the characters they portray. If you think cosplaying is just a bunch of geeks dressing up as Anime, Comic or Videogame characters, then clearly you have not see then the true art in cosplaying. I would suggest you take a look at some of the Cosplay Girls Or Boys Of The Week or visit the con, and see how wonderful these men and women get into character.

Why We Love Cosplay: We love cosplay because you get to see your favorite characters come to life. Like previous stated it's a great form of performance arts. How cool it is to see a live action Vocaloid Miku, or a live action Piccolo that's not a paid actor. We love cosplay because it's not only a celebration in things we love, but its a chance to see another form of entertainment. Cosplay whether you take it seriously or not, its a style, a statement and a form of expression. It's something that you have to experience for yourself to understand, and once you start cosplaying it will be hard to stop.

A Salute To Cosplayers: A salute to the cosplayers that work hard to bring there characters to life. A salute to the cosplayers that spend hours, days and even month perfecting their outfits, working on mannerism and voices to entertain the masses. A salute to cosplayers that continue to prove to naysayers that cosplay is a form of art, that cosplay is not just about wearing an outfit like it's Halloween. A salute to all the cosplayers who love what they do, we love ya and will continue to support it.