Are Fillers Good For Anime?

If your an Otaku and watch Anime constantly, then eventually you will come across an Anime that has fillers. For those who don't know Anime fillers is when the story strays away from the original source material, or plays catch up with the original source material. As many of you know when an Anime is produce sometimes the Manga is still going. This leaves writers and producers with a situation where they must stray away from the story. That means we get plots that have nothing to do with the story, new characters who shouldn't have been created and even the worst of it all an ending that shouldn't have been the ending (Elfen Lied). Fillers are something many Otakus can't stand about Anime, especially when the filler is totally pointless. Some fillers are just a couple of episodes, then there is some that have an entire series of fillers (Naruto, Bleach). Fillers can make or break an Anime, the question is are fillers any good for Anime? Let's examine why fillers might have to happen.

Why Fillers Might Have To Happen: Like stated before a filler can happen due to the Manga series is still ongoing. This leaves the writer of the show to either consult with the Manga writer for the material. Or basically go their own direction with plots and stories that has nothing to do with the original source material. One thing Otakus forget when it comes to Anime, is that the Anime is an adaptation of the Manga. It works the same way in movies. When a movie adapts from a book there will scenes, plots and even characters kept in the book and not seen in the movie. Why is that? Well if everything was adapted one hundred percent, you will not get any real joy from the adaptation would you? You will know everything that happens, there will be no surprises, in some cases to keep a story fresh changes have to be made and fillers must be added.

Are Fillers Good For Anime?: The filler is only good if it makes sense, doesn't contradict the source material and isn't pointless. Seeing an episode in "Dragonball Z" Goku and Piccolo getting there driver's license was pretty pointless, since neither of them ever drove a car again. It didn't move the story along and it wasn't important. A filler needs to have significant, not something to just keep the series running longer. If it's pointless then it should be left out all together. A filler can be good if it has meaning or moves the story along, otherwise it just comes off as an unwanted side mission. Truthfully a filler can be entertaining, but if it drags and takes away from the core story people will lose interest. Fillers is a coin toss up, some fillers win and others lose.