Supernatural Review: "The Road So Far"

Supernatural has become one of my top favorite shows and you have no idea how much I voted for them to get a People's Choice Award. Supernatural Season 7 is awesome and it takes you on such a trip with many twists and turns. *Spoiler alert for those who haven't been up to par on the episodes* The last episode when Jim is shot, was the most emotional episode for me. To tell you the truth, I'm new to the Supernatural world, but I have been keeping up with the episodes. This episode made almost cry. My friend and I was watching it together, texting our reactions. All the while I was saying things like "Hold out guys Jim is coming" and "No, no, no!" and my friend was saying in the beginning of the episode "Did Jim lose his mind?" and in the middle of the episode "Dean is mad". Lol my friend and I are silly and I turned her on to Supernatural. Yay me! Anyway, the show is so brilliantly written. Gosh, I love the show so much. All the actors are doing an outstanding job! Keep up the good works everyone. We love you! Supernatural Rules!!!!!!!! ^_^

P.S or "Shameless Plug Alert": Check out the new episodes on January 6th at 9 on the CW. There are also re-runs during until January 6 so everyone can catch up. Also it is on the CW site as well.