'purely, happily, beautifully. mercibeacoup,
neat and proper, but with some fun.
do have something to say, but never with airs put on.
in the name, we show our dedication
never to forget but everyday cherish,
the precious feeling of appreciation and thank.'

Happy Sunday! I found a post a while ago that hipped me to a great brand to share, MERCIBEAUCOUP. Surfing Tokyo Fashion's site, the name appears numerous times, but it wasn't until I went on a random, but thankfully short, Hello Kitty obsession back in October that I truly paid attention to this brand.

Here are some of the fun images I ran across as I read, ooh'd & ahh'd, and lusted over the collection on Kawaii Paradise's blog. Needless to say, I googled and found soooo much more ... BUT ...

... They have an OFFICIAL SITE. Not only was I in awe of past collections, but I peeped the video of their 2012 Spring/ Summer Collection. Be sure to head over there and check i out. In my opinion, it is among one of the most creative ways to present a collection, to date. Might I suggest, in you checking it out, that you pay special attention to the last minute and 16 seconds and note their Brand Concept ... it definitely goes hand in hand. Though their latest news is posted in Japanese, you'll get the point ... 

Here are some shares of their 2012 Spring/ Summer Collection, but this does NO justice for their presentation, so be sure go & 
'keep running. 
keep wishing'