Gunpoint - Can This Unique Indie Game Steal Your Heart?

Hey people, Jeff here 

Its been a while but I got to say college is a major drain. I really wanted to show you all this game, Gunpoint. The video here is from the indie developer himself talking about it showing game-play.

It had not been released yet because its still in development and from what I have seen its showing amazing  promise to be some great fun. From what is shown in the game-play preview is that its platforming stealth with a nice little upgrade system and shop for in-between missions. 

The game is mainly by Tom Francis(home-page) who does the coding, game design and other stuff, his words. the art is done by John Roberts(twitter) and Fabian van Dommelen(twitter). The game itself is a unique mix of platforming, puzzle with a little bit of stealth but in to a nice little mix. The game plays pretty simple get in find the computers with the files/sabotage the files and then get out with out being seen. From what is shown you don't have a gun you can how ever tackle the security guards. The levels appear to be open ended and allows you to find your way to solve the puzzle. What makes it so easy to solve puzzles your way is the crosslink. as explained in the video it always you to change what triggers what. as an example Tom uses the crosslink to trigger the light and the door at the same time form the light. its the biggest thing about the game, think portals portal gun and there you go.  

Tom Francis said in the video is looking for input from gamers to know what to do with it price wise. I myself would love for it to be free but with the work going on with it am thinking it would be nice to see this indie sold for 15 bucks max(or less) or see it inside the humble indie bundle(will talk about this later), also Tom wants people to either give him some idea to who the music should be or for people to enter with their own music they think would fit the game.

I do hope all of you get a chance and send him a message about what you think the price should be or if it should be free also if you have some music skill send it to him also he explains in the video how to do it. I will be keeping an eye out on this cant wait to see what happens next with it.

Tom Francis: home - Gunpoint
John Roberts: twitter
Fabian van Dommelen: twitter