The PS Vita Is Confusing

I was reading on Joystiq and they found out some games will need you to have internal memory, not a bad thing but only some games allow that, but the thing that is being said full is that if the game does save to the system it would only save there, even if you have a memory card, which is priority micro-SD cards which means it matters where you get the SD card, if its not made by Sony or someone else that Sony allows, you cant use a micro-SD care you got somewhere else.
So now it looks like its not optional to get the cheaper model and just a few memory cards. It looks like now you need to get the memory cards for the model with the internal HDD no matter what. This is not looking so good from the Vita at all when compared to the Nintendo 3DS. Look at the 3DS for a second and compare them, the 3DS doesn’t have a priority memory card you can use any micro-SD card you like, while the PSV you have to pick between different models that come in different sizes and it would all need memory cards, no matter which one you pick the game will have DLC but it was said that it might be downloaded to the cartridges, MIGHT DOWLOAD TO THE CARTRIDGES.

As of right now there are too many what if's with this system and whenever I hear something new my joy from hearing it from E3 this year, has been doing nothing but going down faster and faster. I still think this could have promise but the one thing that is making me even worry was how it is meant to be mainly a download system, that's a system that pretty much just has downloads on it. While there are going to be cartridges there is still the fact that am thinking I would still need to have a phone company on my system to get the most out of it. That is the one thing I don’t want to hear next, but with how it is going, I think the next thing we will hear would be that we need to have AT&T, which is the only phone company that will give the PSV a data plan. Really, I don’t have high hopes for the PSV but I will keep my eye opens on it. For now I will get stuck with my PSP and wait on getting my 3DS, which is in my plans for now.

Now for those that might be confused (like me) you can get the bundle and it does what I think it does. The bundle only comes with the most expensive PSV (3G and WI-FI inside the system so to use it fully you will need a data plan from AT&T), a 4GB memory card(which might be worth nothing, because of the fact that we don't know how big the games are and how its really pushing downloads beyond anything else or how big the download might be), a case for the PSV(I have no problems with that) and a copy of Little Deviants(its a collection of mini games to show off the PSV tech). All and all, this is pretty weak of Sony. They are pretty much forcing the 3G model down people's throats cause it comes with everything you would need, that being mainly the memory card. Everything else I would have to say is up to the person, however I still see very little value in that bundle and I would suggest everyone to wait and see how they clear things up.

I am just confused on how you need a memory card at all if the system got memory on the inside to begin with.


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