GoldRun X Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run



(New York, NY, November 10, 2011) - GoldRun, a leader in augmented reality marketing programs, announced today it has partnered with Clutter Magazine, the world’s premier media source for Designer Toys, to create the first-ever augmented reality scavenger hunt of a curated collection of coveted Designer Toys, representing the work of more than 30 acclaimed artists. Launching on November 10, fans can participate by downloading the free GoldRun app and following the “GoldRun X Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run” to participate.

Through GoldRun, users will see virtual representations of real Designer Toys, which they can capture to gain points and compete against each other to win the real toys. This groundbreaking campaign will bring together the sculptural world of designer toys and their tight-knit, international fanbase to a global audience through cutting-edge mobile technology. “AR technology is creating a paradigm shift from a world of search to a world of discovery. Now, an international artist and collector community can engage on a level never before possible, changing the landscape for how art is consumed as collectibles, both in the virtual and real worlds,” says Vivian Rosenthal, CEO and Founder of GoldRun.

The GoldRun X Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run will consist of three different types of runs all varying in geographic scope to maximize community gameplay: first, a globally available hunt; second, a city-specific hunt available in New York, London, San Francisco, and Chicago; and third, a location-specific hunt that will be deployed within 3 high-traffic locations throughout the 4 available cities. Running over the course of 6 weeks, the toys will be rotated twice a week in the GoldRun app to optimize exposure for all 30 artists in participation and provide a diverse selection of collectibles for those playing.

All players are encouraged to share photos over Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win the toy of their choice. Competing against each other across the leaderboard, the players with the most points win actual designer toys. With a selection of over 250 toys, there is a wealth of prizes to be had for the seasoned Designer Toy collector or the budding fan.

“GoldRun is a great opportunity to increase fans’ knowledge about designer toys using the latest in app technology,” says Josh Kimberg, Clutter’s Managing Partner. “As you can see from our numerous interactive contests, Clutter is all about utilizing high-tech to increase the fun! We're thrilled to bring this activation to the international toy community.”

Recognized alongside a specific movement of illustrative and modern pop art, designer toys are not played with but enjoyed for their aesthetic appeal. With the innovative idea of using industrial manufacturing methods to create miniature works of art, the Designer Toy Movement gained momentum in the early 2000s when designers, comic book artists, illustrators, and graffiti artists, inspired by popular culture, had a new outlet for their creative energies and soon collectors were lining up to buy their releases.

The latest product designs represent a convergence of numerous subcultures, including underground comics, rock poster, street art, subversive culture and skateboard graphics. Clutter, which has been at the forefront of the movement since 2004, has harnessed this new energy with the launch of the inaugural Designer Toy Awards in 2011.

“It's cool to see the physical sculptural world merge with the augmented reality world for this cool toy hunt. Fans and followers will get a chance to get their hands on some amazing limited edition pieces, all though this cool new technology,” says Jonathan Cathey, Owner The Loyal Subjects, who provided limited edition toys designed by CA artists Alex Pardee and Buff Monster.

“I thought designer toy hunting was vicious before, but GoldRun will begin a new chase of a different kind. This is an exciting time for all the players involved in this international movement. It's a huge honor to involved in this exciting initiative. I recommend that you have a spare battery and I wish you lots of luck,” said Eric Scarecrow, Artist and Owner ESC-Toys Ltd.

Capture Runaway Designer Toys

(Available Location-Specific Run)

24 designer toys have escaped their blister-packed, bubble-wrapped confines and are wreaking havoc in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and London! These playful runaways are scattered in 3 specific real-world locations in each city, and it is up to the player to recapture the artist’s offspring. By following the pin drop on the featured map within the app and snapping photos of virtual objects, players ‘capture’ the toys before they can cause even more ruckus.

2 runaways will remain within 3 areas of each city for a total of 3 weeks each. Thus giving a player present in one city a total of 6 chances to win among a selection of the most exclusive Designer Toy prizes available in the 6 week long campaign.

Feed the Toy Ego

(Available Global Run + City-Specific Run)

Some of the escaped designer toys have different aspirations: these “attention seekers” are present globally (literally everywhere, at your office, your school, your home!) as well as city-wide (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and London) and allow for a different level of game-play. These celebrity-wannabes want to increase their online clout, and users will compete against one another to gain points for every photo taken and shared on Facebook and Twitter. With the proper amount of camera-time, users can immortalize their moment with the toys in the online space, and only the best paparazzo will achieve the coveted #1 spot on the game’s Leaderboard, winning the toy of their choice.

Players can show their appreciation and support for the artists involved and are encouraged to hashtag #designertoyrun and the respective artists, @Cluttermagazine and @GoldRunGo when sharing via Twitter. A dedicated Clutter & Goldrun Designer Toy Run online hub will exist on Clutter Magazine’s website at for users to view toys and photos submitted by all participants around the globe.

Artists participating in the campaign include Gary Baseman, Buff Monster, Jon Burgerman, Travis Cain, Mori Chack, Luke Chueh, Devilrobots, Bob Dob, Tristan Eaton, Louise Evans, Gus Fink, Brian Flynn, Furi Furi, Gary Ham, Joshua Herbolsheimer, Matt Lunartik Jones, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Yosiell Lorenzo, Winson Ma, Jeremy Madl, Mark Nagata, Rami Niemi, Alex Pardee, Jermaine Rogers, Ronzo, Jose Sabate, Erick Scarecrow, Greg Simkins, Holly Stanway, John Stokes, Kristofer Ström, Touma, Var, Matt Walker, Kenny Wong, Andy Woo.

Designer toy stores and toy distributors involved also include Bitbots Studio, Munky King, Super7, The Loyal Subjects, Triclops Studio, Keybotz, Kidrobot, Plastic City, Play Imaginative, Strangeco, Tokidoki, Maqet, Max Toy Company, MINDstyle .