The Voltron Interview

We sat down with Robert Koplar Vice President Of World Events Productions, Jeremy Corray Supervising Producer of Voltron Force. Peter Armstrong THQ Executive Producer of the upcoming Voltron game. We chat with them about the Voltron game, the show and more. Let's talk about the game first. Peter can you tell us about the gameplay?

Peter Armstrong: It's all about co-oop. The story starts out from the very beginning of Voltron all the way to the end. You play in five different styles of gameplay, you start off in lion mode and pick your favorite lion. You play up to with four other people, five people online, two people for offline. If your lion is damage, you get ejected and enter survival mode, so you'll be on your feet until your lion is healed, so you'll get to play as the pilot as well. In lion mode it's a twin stick shooter, there is a lot of melee in the aspect of the gameplay. How will the co-oop work when we form Voltron? Will just get on headsets and tell the other players?

Peter Armstrong: *Laughs* that was actually tricky. It work as quick time events that you execute together. Once you form Voltron each player will get a chance to choose what attack Voltron will use, while the other players will support how powerful the attack is. For example if you wanted to fire a rocket, you will choose that using the left stick. The other players will then use their sticks to determine the target and see how big the damage will be. It's the same way defending, everything will be timing, so it will be up the players to be in sync with each other. We're really giving you that Voltron experience.

Voltron Game Trailer How long is the game and how much will it cost?

Peter Armstrong: It depends on who your playing with, but the game last about 7 hours. It will cost ten dollars. Are the original voice actors back?

Peter Armstrong: Yes the original voice actors are back, and when you pause the game Peter Cullen will say Voltron will be back after these brief messages, when you unpause the game Peter Cullen will say we're now back to Voltron. We're making show it really feels like the show. Robert tell us about Voltron Force, for those who might not know about it.

Robert Koplar: Voltron Force is a animated series which airs on Nicktoons. It's a mixture of 2D/3D animation. From a creative standpoint, we have brought three new cadets Daniel, Vince and Larmina, basically to introduce Voltron to a new generation. The classic Voltron force was teenagers, we aged them up a bit, it's been a nice device to introduce these new cadets and still keep the core Voltron force. It was a good way to reboot the franchise, without doing a full Voltron reboot. The new episodes will air in November. What were some of the challenges of introducing Voltron to a new generation?

Robert Koplar: Wow a lot of challenges. We went through many ideas. We had an idea called Voltron Pantera Force, which would've had some aliens on the force. Then we decided to just stick with the characters that got us here. The other challenge was format should we stick with 2D, or go with a CGI show, or a blend of the two, which we ended up doing. Also how can we improve on a classic. We took some risk and it's been great. When will the new Voltron Force toys be out?

Robert Koplar: The new toys should be out September 2012.

Jeremy Corray: This is a real cool toy, you guys are adults now and have credit cards, no more asking big brother or that guy name Greg at the playground to play with his toy. Jeremy did you guys, decide to come back with Voltron in full force?

Jeremy Corray: You know it's funny I would read some comments like hey Transformers is back, lets bring Voltron backs *laughs.* It's actually a family company out of St. Louis Missouri, and we're purely going off from the momentum from you the fans. What you see what is happening is that kids who grew up watching, are making the new Voltron it happen. Keith Dawkins the President of Nicktoons, is a die hard Voltron fan. The love of Voltron is so intense, it's back and the people are loving it. Princess Allura and Keith what is the deal?

Jeremy Corray: I will let you know that we put a lot of good stuff, that will let the fans flip. It's always characters first, w Allura will be interesting and she has responsibility. What will happen when she has to balance? The Queen might need a King, who knows.

For more on Voltron visit Voltron Official Website and make sure to check out Voltron Force on Nicktoons Saturdays 12PM and 9PM, Sunday at 12PM.