Interview With Clutter Magazine

Toys, toys and more toys. There are tons of stuff at New York Comic Con and one place we stop at was Clutter Magazine booth. Justin had a quick chat with Josh Kimberg from Clutter Magazine, to talk toys, art and Clutter. Check it out. Tell us how Clutter got started?

Josh Kimberg: Clutter has been around about 8 years, it was actually formed by Miranda O'Brien and Nick Carroll. We have been really growing, and we're really like the only magazine still consistency covering the vinyl toys industry. Tell us a little bit about the online magazine.

Josh Kimberg: We cover the toys that we love, we don't cover everything that is going out there. We really talk about things of quality and that will be interesting. We have recently have a new blog on paper toys, which we have been really excited about. I personally didn't even know there was a whole scene on paper toys. We're also have people coming over to blog about tattoos and the crossover of tattoos. Do you have a toy that you personally love?

Josh Kimberg: My most recent purchase is "Cannibal Fuckface" *laughs.* It was made by Monster Worship, and it's based on a Johnny Ryan comic.

Cannibal Fuckface by Monster Worship. Josh you're an artist yourself correct? Tell us a little about it.

Josh Kimberg: I'm a sculptor and I make giant monsters. I haven't produced any toys yet,or make something small everything I usually do is four or five feet tall. Any plans to design a toy of your own?

Josh Kimberg: I think about it *laughs*. What will be your design if you made a toy?

Josh Kimberg: Ummm... I let you know. Matter of fact I'll send you a picture. Tell us about some of the items display?

Josh Kimberg: We have all the issues from 1 to 15 for sale. We have the Coralmari plush, design our good friend Lana Crooks. We also some Clutter dummies that was produce in the U.K, this actually some of the last ones. Pretty much, tons and tons of stuff. Also a display of Bossy Bear, where we run a monthly giveaway on Facebook. Final words?

Josh Kimberg: Like us on Facebook at and you can follow us on Twitter!/cluttermagazine. Keep checking for more cool stuff.