Interview With Ashley Eckstein

Geeky Girl, Sci-Fi, Star Wars, could it get any better. Actually it just did. We had an awesome interview with Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We chat with Ashley about "Star Wars," her brand line "Her Universe" and more. How did you start Her Universe?

Ashley Eckstein: It really started because selfishly I wanted more Sci-Fi products made for women. I'm a fan girl myself, and I only had one Star Wars shirt, my husband had ten. I said something is wrong there, because I'm the bigger fan. I then went to the internet and did research and found out that female merchandise was close to non existent. I also found that close to half of Sci-Fi fans are women, and they wasn't really giving anything for us to buy. So that's when I founded "Her Universe." I went to Lucas Film and said give me a shot to design some of your female merchandise. I have to give Lucas Film credit they we're the first company to give me a chance. Of course Syfy as well they're really excited as well. What's the goal for "Her Universe?"

Ashley Eckstein: The goal is to make girls geek cheek from head to toe. We're just been around a year and a half and added two more licenses, which I'm excited about. "Her Universe" is not only a merchandise line, it's also a community for female fans. I wanted to create a safe place for women to come and join conversation no matter what they love, whether it's Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica, Doctor Who, Star Trek, even Disney. We have many girls who have create have build strong friendships through our site, Facebook and Twitter. That was the goal from the beginning. How does it feel to be a Jedi?

Ashley Eckstein: It's amazing, very humbling. Never in a million years did I think I would have this opportunity. Also sometimes I feel like I have a lot of training to do, to fill Ahsoka shoes I'm not quite as tough as she is but I'm trying *laughs*. It's a dream come true, life changing, being part of the Star Wars franchise really changes your life. It opens you up to an entire group of people that welcomes you with open arms. It's just very humbling. I feel like I just didn't gain a role, but an army of people who will have a my back. Do you have a favorite design that you did for "Her Universe"?

Ashley Eckstein: That is a tough one, that decision is like a Mom choosing between her kids *laughs.* There is a story behind every design. The one special to me will be the crystal hats. They were all glue by hand, crystal by crystal. Before I founded "Her Universe" I would bedazzle hats and give them out to friends. The crystal hats would be onre close to me, since it was of the first products for "Her Universe." Any plans "Her Universe" will be in stores?

Ashley Eckstein: Right now it's avaialble at "Her Universe." Hopefully it will be in more stores by next year, Disney just picked us up for their parks. Between Disney and our website and hopefully in stores in 2012. Any hints you can give us with the next season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Ashley Eckstein: It's called season four Battlelines, it's very action pack. Ahsoka discovers more emotion around her age, she gets to act her age for once since she is around adults most of the time. She will be interacting with certain characters again, but that's all I will say. How much of Ahsoka is from your input, and how much is organic is from the writing?

Ashley Eckstein: As an actress it makes your job easier, if you got great writing. Our writing staff is amazing. One thing from the very beginning, and this was even part of the reason I was cast. I was cast because I messed up in my audition, the way I acted between takes I was beaten myself up because I messed up. That was similar to Ahsoka or what they had in mind, because she is a Padawan and she is trying so hard to meet their expectations, and to be the best Padawan she can be, they actually cast me more for how I acted in between takes. They said be yourself and bring a lot of your personality into it, I've been grateful to be allow to put a little input. Any final words?

Ashley Eckstein: Thank you all for your support. Her Universe is more than a merchandise brand, it's a community of female fans, we're just trying to debunk the stereotype the Sci-Fi is just for guys. Sci-Fi is for everyone, and the more we speak up and say the women are here and we love, we can debunk the stereotype. Once again thanks for all your support.

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