Dark Horse Booth

Hey guys Sean (The Comic Guy), Comic Con was great! For those of you guys and girls that missed it, I'm going to share some photos of the booths we visited at the con. Here are some photos when we visited the guys at Dark Horse.

Funny thing about this photo, if i wasn't looking up to take the picture I would have had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing the fat guy in the princess leia slave costume. (mind scrub for those who saw it )

The Digital Comics looked great on the screens. Everyone get a tablet and get your favorite comics.

Spin the Wheel and win a prize.
Dark Horse had a prize wheel with some awesome giveaways.

I was standing on line with Jeff and some of the other guys from Otakus and Geeks to try my luck.
Unfortunately my luck is all bad. No prize for me, but jeff won $2 in credit for digital comics.

Had a great time at the Dark Horse Booth and at Comic Con. If you want more info on Dark Horse Comics and any of their Title Go to darkhorse.com