Geeks Who Do Music #2 (Jowin)

So I got a tidbit of yumminess on the Tweetline yesterday, just as I was putting together a post for ... Yesterday! I thought this was way more yummy and amusing and scrapped my other share STAT!

These videos, Cosplay Girl :: Parts1 & 2 are the lyrical masterpieces of artist, Jowin, a hip-hop producer/lyricist hailing from Macon, GA. His underground viral music video, Cosplay Girl spawned a sequel, nearly a year later, properly titled, Cosplay Girl Part 2.

Be sure to check out his third self-released album "The Wallflower Project" as well as past projects. I PROMISE disappointment is not in your future with this goodness!

But for now interweb stalk him HERE and be sure to follow him on twitter ... PEEP GAME! 
~je t'adoore!