Summer Superhero Movies 2011: The Hits & Misses

The superhero movie season is over, and compare to previous years this one left many us in disappointment. Some were great, some were good and some made us wish they let a comic geek be the director. Regardless of critics and box office sales, these movies had it's hit and misses. Let's take a look at Thor, X-Men First Class, Green Lantern and Captain America.

Thor (The Hits) - Thor was entertaining, had a great cast and a wonderful leading man. It got the theme of Thor right, him needing to learn how to be humble if he was to gain back his power. Asgard was beautiful and Loki performance played by Tom Hiddleston was a great addition. Thor kept us entertained, although it didn't pack much of punch action wise, the character driven story kept you interested.

Thor (The Misses) - Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings characters were pointless, besides Portman being the love interest, her character was annoying and took away more time for Loki's development. The constant setting up for The Avengers movie is a distraction, does Shield have to be in every Marvel movie now? However I will say Thor did it less than Iron Man 2. Finally the pacing felt slow, so the movie will get boring at times unless you are invested into the characters, also the 3D was useless.

X-Men First Class (The Hits)- The X-Men returned to the big screen this year. After a horrible X-Men: The Last Stand, FOX looked to redeemed themselves with a prequel. The acting was greatly done by the two leads James McAvoy as Xavier, and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. This movie was purely focus on the relationship of Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr. Unlike the other X-Men movies this one was heavy on character driven. The cameo by a certain X-Men was worth the price of admission. The real hit of this movie is Magneto, nothing is more great than to see a characters transformation.

X-Men First Class (The Misses) - Continuity is a huge problem in this film. If this serves as a prequel to the other X-Men movies then something is wrong. 1. In the first X-Men movie Professor X clearly states that "Cyclops, Storm and Jean were among my first students." If they were his first students why aren't they in the movie as the first class? Certain characters don't get enough backstory, once again we are thrown in Mutants just to please the fans. It's pointless if we don't know who they are. The action was so, so but I expected more in the final showdown.

Green Lantern (The Hits): Green Lantern had great casting. Mark Strong did what he could do with Sinestro. Ryan Reynolds did a good job as Hal Jordan, the voices for Kilowog, Tomar-Re we're spot on. They captured the space feel very well when Hal Jordan was on OA. The constructs was cool.

Green Lantern (The Misses)- Not enough character development on key Lantern characters. Parallax origins, and appearance was a mess and inaccurate. The movie spent too much time on Earth, and for a movie that was suppose to be DC's answer to Star Wars, it didn't have enough space time. The 3D was good in some parts, blurry in others. Hector Hammond's character was pointless and under used. Sinestro was more of a cheerleader for Hal Jordan and didn't really show signs of his future. The action while good, could have been more of. Finally the movie was too short and the editing was bad. The editing would cut from one scene to another.

Captain America: The First Avenger (The Hits)- Wonderful performance by Chris Evans. He play Steve Rogers very well. Great direction from Jim Johnson, the movie felt like The Rocketeer, but better. Out of all the movies that came close to the comics, this one was it. It hit the origin story enough, to make a comic fan very proud. This movie also has one of the coolest 40's theme songs, that I've heard in a while. The pacing was great and we get a balance of love, action and drama as well. Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving was great, his appearance screamed comic book. The ending is the best part, not because of The Avengers movie, but because the relationship between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

Captain America: The First Avenger (The Misses) -
The action is kind of boring, Captain America action doesn't feel tense or epic. He punches, runs and throw his shield around. The set pieces could have been done a little better. Red Skull should had more development and more screen time, and the final battle between him and Capt was disappointing.

Overall the best superhero movie of the summer goes to Captain America. It stuck close to the comics, the theme was great and that ending is makes you feel sorry for him. What did you think was the best superhero movie of the summer? Leave your answer on the comments below.