GameStop Android Tablet

GameStop is coming out with an Android GameStop branded Table for the stores as reported by Joystiq. What is known as of right now is that the tablet will be a gaming center tablet and will come with Google Android Os. Many people knew something like this was coming after GameStop brought the developer Spawn Labs and Impulse. If you dont know Impulse is a digital distribution similar to Stream. In the end, this could mean many things for many reason. The one reason that stands out the most is that GameStop is trying their hardest to get into the digital gaming world, competing with Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Store, Steam and On-live. To even reach far out there maybe even competing with Netflix, I am not sure anyone notice this or not but sometimes GameStop sells DVDs its mainly the used ones but I haven't be inside a GameStop in a long time.

I will keep all of you updated as more information comes in.

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