Cool Stuff From Boomslank.Com

Hey Otakus and Geeks readers. I just wanted you guys and gals to know about a cool site, that sells some nice original shirts, I-Pod cases and more. The site is called What I like about Boomslank is that all of their designs are original, also the prices are good as well. Here are some of there cool shirts below, don't forget to check out their site at for prices and more cool stuff.

Zero Frame: This shirt was inspired by Mech Anime. As a Mech fan myself I really love the design and color choice of this shirt.

Strike Witch: Otaku boys please don't have a nerdgasm. Needless to say the design of the Strike Witch is awesome. The horns, the gun and the sassy look on her face is great.

Zero Frame Case: The Zero design for I-Phone cases, another well done job.