Aniplex's "Fate/Zero" World Premiere October 2nd

Hey Otakus I have some really cool news for you. Aniplex and Nico Nico Douga will premiere Aniplex new series "Fate/Zero" on "Nico Nico Channel" Streaming will be free and live, those with a Nico Nico account can discuss with other Otakus about the episode. Streaming is pn Sunday October 2nd 1:00 am (Japan Time). Also a new episode will be stream each week at 0:30 am (Japan time. Subtitles will be provided in Korean, English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The link to watch is right here. Fate/Zero World Premiere

Don't know about "Fate/Zero" here is a story overview by Aniplex and a trailer. Anime Rules!!!

Story Overview
It is the road to zero-the beginning.

Craving for the power of the Holy Grail that enables to do a miracle, seven wizards (Masters) summoned seven heroic spirits (Servants), and make them performing a battle royal--- that is, never ends to fight until there left only one winner--- Another Duel over the Holy Grail.

The war had not come to an end three times in the past, and now the 4th war have just begun.

Wizards, each holding their earnest desire, gathered to a battlefield called Fuyuki. Among others, there was one wizard who was not be able to find out the meaning in his duel.

His name is---Kirei Kotomine.

Not comprehending his vocation, this perplexed wizard kept asking himself ; Why this incantation was given to him? But his destiny will lead him to encounter one destined contestant.

That is---Kiritsugu Emiya

He was the one who wants to obtain the Holy Grail more viciously, more violently than anybody else.

This story has only been stated in fragment in the [Fate/stay night]. It is the veracity of the Duel over the 4th Holy Grail, took place a decade before. Here reveals the truth of the battle that involved Shirou’s foster father, Rin’s father, ,and young Kirei Kotomine the hero.