3DS Circle Pad Add-On

Hey guys Jeff here and I have some new news for you that just came out about the 3DS add-on from Joystiq and Kotaku.

Currently, it is show in a Japanese magazine call Famitsu and they have leaked photos of what is called "3DS Kakuchou Slide Pad" or "3DS Expansion Slide Pad."

Now what is shown could be final or couldn't be, all that is know it that i looks to be a dock of some kind that has a second joystick. this basically give the system two of them copying modern controllers.

Just from how it looks, it is believed that it covers the wifi switch, and since its a dock it looks like it covers the game slot but from Kotaku, it is said it doesn't cover the light indicators on it. It looks like it doesn't add any buttons for the system but it might also be an official battery life extender for the system, but like I said this all could be rumor. Right now this looks to be real, no date or any other info about it for now I will make sure to keep everyone up dated on this.

Side note it looks like Monster Hunter Tri is coming to the 3DS as Monster Hunter Tri-G and that it will have local wireless play but that had not been proven true yet. I will all so keep you updated on this too as info comes in.

Nintendo have said that its an official product but there is no release day yet, more details will come out and I will keep updating
Japanese Story(its written in japanese also)