Win A Weekend Pass To New York Comic Con/Anime Fest 2011

Our last contest of the year is here. This time it's the big one we promised at the beginning of the year. You will have a chance to win a weekend pass to New York Comic Con/Anime Fest. Now before you enter, we want to make it clear that you will get the pass only. We're not flying, or paying for anyone to come to New York. If you decided to enter you have agreed that you can come to New York on your own terms. This contest is for USA only! Now let's begin with the contest and the rules.

Contest Description: One thing that our readers love is Fan Fictions. Do you consider yourself an Otaku? Do you consider yourself a Comic Geek? Ever wanted to change a storyline on your favorite Comic, Anime or Videogame? Now it's time to show the Otakus & Geeks crowd what is going on in that geeky brain of yours.


1. Write an original Fan Fiction short story based on an Anime, Comic or Videogame. Pages range from 1 page minimum to 3 pages max. It can be as violent or as graphic as you want, just no sexual content. Stay close to the source material as well.

2. No plagiarism! If your caught plagiarizing you will be disqualified. Trust us we will be searching the net, to make sure the story is not taken from other blogs or outlets.

3. You MUST be following us either on Facebook or Twitter. Click on the links below.
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4. All entries must be uploaded through our CONTACT US Tab. One entry per person. Go to the contact us tab and enter your info and upload file by using the UPLOAD A FILE. In the subject put "Comic Con Contest."

5. The contest ends September 15th 2011.

6. Do not beg us to choose you, that will get you disqualified.


1. Grand Prize Winner: Wins a 3-day weekend pass to New York Comic Con/Anime Fest, and their short story will be published on the blog. Remember you're responsible for getting to New York yourself.

2. Runner Up Winner: Wins a choice to have a Anime Box Set, Graphic Novel or Videogame of their choice that's under 100 bucks.

3. Third Winner: Wins an Hoodie.

Q & A's:

1. How will you decide the winners?
We will be taking a vote on the best entries, and grading them on originality, creativity and whether it stuck close to the universe.

2. Can I curse in my Fan Fiction?
Go crazy, just no sexual content.

3. Does grammar matter?
It not a big factor, but try not to write like this I be on da game, u sez, u be there.

4. Can we hang out with the Otakus & Geeks team at the Con?
If that's what you desire, but keep in mind we'll be very BUSY covering panels, interviewing and etc. We can do lunch though.

5. How will I get the pass?
We will mail it the next day we announce the winner. Other prizes will be given the next week.

Good Luck! Any other question use the Contact Us Tab. Contest Ends September 15th 2011.