Someone At Sega Grew A Brain...

Year after year videogame companies try to come up with the next big thing. Creating new a IP is a very high risk venture but can reap high rewards. Often times when the publisher commits to a new game that wasnt received to well, they will shove a sequel down our throat regardless. If the public likes the new product from the jump, then look out they will annualize the game, make a movie & or license the game's characters out.

For some reason Sega didn't get that memo. In a way that's a good thing, we don't want another Capcom (see my capcom article here), but original Sega fans are starving for many franchises to return. Whether that's through a remake or a re-release we will take what we can get(unless its like the new Golden Axe). I can make the case that Sega owns stronger IPs than ANY video publisher. Sega battled Nintendo & Sony with all 1st party software remember. For some reason console cycle after console cycle, Sega sits on all their great franchises. Yes we get alot of Sonic games now but there was a time when Sega even abandoned him! Sega Saturn era anyone? Yes I know the story about Sonic Xtreme but thats another article.
Good news though, Sega is starting to show signs of recovery.

Virtua Fighter 5 final showdown was announced today for XBLA & PSN. That game has been in the Japanese arcades since 2010. Why is Sega taking 2 years to port it(2012 release date) I don't know and I don't care I'm just happy its coming out! I'm a little concerned with the watered down graphics but they have a year to work on it so we will see. Remember the original Virtua Fighter 5 was only 3.3 GB.

Sonic CD has been rumored by Major Nelson to be coming out on XBLA...yes the holy Sonic CD! That game is a true hidden gem. I hope we can get a HD version oh my God I'm hyped just typing this.

Sega Rally just had a really nice arcade release a few weeks back. Im really enjoying it.

Guardian Heroes will be coming out any week now,that will be a 1st day buy!

If Sega continues this trend as well as develop/publish some more new IPs. I really feel Sega can be in better shape financially then it ever has been!
Keep up the good work Sega :)

(Havent said that in years)