Five Annoying Anime Cliches

I love Anime a lot. I mean I created a blog showing how much I love Anime. I have tons of DVD's, OST and Videogames that either have Anime influence or Anime in them. However there is something I can't stand in Anime is when I see these cliches. Here is my list of five annoying Anime Cliches. These cliches are not in any particular order, I'm just tired of seeing this same formula. I know many cliches make Anime what it is, but it's being overused now and it's time to revamp it. Tell me your annoying cliches in the comment section.

1. Insecure Boy Meets Alien Girl: This cliche is really getting annoying. This plot, setup or theme is being used so much, that I feel like I'm watching the same show over and over. Ask yourself Anime fans, how many times have you seen the boy who is afraid to talk girls, he ends up meeting a alien girl from another world. He usually has a close female friend that can't admit she loves him. The alien girl becomes involve in the love triangle, then something usually happens and the boy finally man's up. Usually he falls in love with his close friend, once the alien girl gives him the confidence. Or he falls in love with the alien girl and they live happily ever after. The boy meets alien girl is overused and frankly it's getting stale. I don't mind it being used if it was refreshing, however the alien girl usually doesn't know anything about earth, then the boy usually ends up teacher her about the planet or she's in some danger. She then lives with the boy at his place, usually has who has no parents. If your going to do the alien girl thing, can you at least make it original as possible?

Insecure Boy Meets Alien Girl

2. Big Boobs (Fan Service): Okay this is one cliche that I wish would end. I know big boobs is very popular in the world of men. However in Anime it's really getting overused. Seriously why does it seem almost every new school Anime character has d cup breast or higher? I know in animation the realistic approach is gone, but can we add a little realism? Also what about female otakus? Do you think they want to see boobs all the time in their Anime? What message are the artist trying to deliver, by showing big boobs all the time? If you're going to do fan service at least balance it fairly, for both men and women viewers. See the Anime "High School Of The Dead" for over usage of fan service and big boobs. I love "High School Of The Dead" but the over usage of fan service was too much. The constant slow motion of panties, slow motion to the big boobs had me saying, um this is about Zombies rising right? I feel that fan service should only be used if it relates to the story, or if it's somehow has to deal with the characteristic of the character.

Big Boobs (Fan Service)

3. The Non Existent Parents(Orphans): Anime really loves making children's parents non existent. How many times you've heard this line in Anime? "My parents were killed in a car accident." "My parents were murdered." "My parents moved away so I'm living with my cousin." Can we please get these kids some parents *laughs*. These characters are usually 13 to 16 years old living alone. Sometimes you get no explanation how these kids even manage to live by themselves without any adults around (once again add just a little bit of realism). The parent less child usually has a calling to become the savior of the world, meet an alien girlfriend or has a hidden beast within. I know their a lot of Anime that have the loving parents in them. I just wish that the parents would get some more screen time.

The Non Existent Parents(Orphans)

4. The Chosen Mech Pilot: The chosen one, the chosen one, oh please your the only one who can save us. To be fair not just Anime uses the chosen one storyline. I love the fate and destiny angle like anybody else. However the constant invasion of aliens, or transforming into a Mech beast and being the only who can save the world is outdated. The problem with the chosen one storyline is that you already know the outcome, unless it has a twist. The chosen one usually has to mature themselves and find the courage to take on their fate head on. I love this plot, it just needs to done in a more original way.

The Chosen Mech Pilot

5. The Unnecessary Fillers: Fillers should only be used if it affects the overall story, or if the filler has a deep character study that explains either the characters origins or actions. Fillers are usually used in fighting Anime shows. Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and DBZ are notorious for long fillers. Some fillers are helpful, but many of it is pointless. They have OVA and Movies for a reason. Use the fillers for that, don't make it an episode, it makes the series way too long and fans start to lose interest.

The Unnecessary Fillers