Double Review: Gmail Notifier Plus and Rocketdock

Okay people Jeff here and today I will be giving you a double review. The reason for this is because I want to give you people, a series of programs that will make your life in-front of the computer a little better and less stressful. Here I present to you two of my favorites, Gmail Notifier Plus and Rocketdock.

F.Y.I.: they are both free, completely free no ads or anything also they are both for windows right now, not too sure if they are on linux yet but i will keep you all updated just in case

Gmail Notifier Plus to download click here

Its just an RSS feed(if you dont know what an RSS feed is click here) that is linked to your gmail account, to let you get a quick look at what you have in there that you haven't read yet. I know what you might be thinking and yes its very safe. No one is looking at the feed unless they have the passwords to you different Gmail accounts. That's right, the other thing that makes this so great is that you can have more then one account being shown with it. The notifier will only show you what's inside your inbox, so if your like me and something checks the spam to be sure nothing important is in there by mistake you will have to sign into your account, which is another thing the notifier does right. All you have to do is click on which ever email account you want to look into, then your chosen browser is your default and it will pop up telling you to sign right in.

If you have more then one Gmail account or if you just want to always be updated on what is inside there this is a simple and fast little reader for you.

RocketDock to download click here

You all know how the Mac had the dock at the bottom of the screen. Well this is the same thing but for Windows. It works with all the version of windows from XP to 7. The dock acts just like the dock on a Mac, it allows all the same features from hiding when your mouse isn't on top of it to zooming in on the icon when your roll your mouse over it.

It gives you the prefect Mac feel with out having one. Another thing that is nice about it is that on their site they support icons , that werent made by them but by other people, so going to a place like deviantart (here is an example of icons) and do a search of icons that people created and use them over the default ones its comes with. It's an amazing app that will also help you clean up the clutter that is your desktop if its very messy.

I would tell you all to try out both of these programs, they are small in size and load quickly and next time I will tell you about another great program...