Will Sony & Microsoft Team Up For Their New Console??

For those who havent heard, someone at Microsoft registered the domain name Microsoft-Sony.com. Yes I know anyone can register a domain name and nothing may come of this, but here is why I think this would be good for the overall health of the gaming industry.

1.PSN outtage & 3 red lights: Both PS3 and Xbox360 users experienced gaming hardships. While we were at home crying and complaining these 2 companies lost billions because of these unique events.

Sony is great at making hardware, besides a little D.R.E. on the PS2 all 3 Playstations are like tanks. They keep ticking.

Microsoft is a software 1st company. They create great OS and UI...but most importantly a secure network.

If this dream console happens let Sony focus on the hardware while Microsoft does the software(Dash,System updates etc etc)

2.Too many consoles: Do we really need 3? Lets look at videos games golden years NES vs Master System then SNES vs Genesis. Now that Nintendos new console is for the "hardcore audience" let make a 2 man race again.

3.Iphone/Andriod & Facebook: Believe it or not Mobile and Social games are taking over gaming. While Sony fanboys & Xbots fight the Social & Mobile markets are making more and more $. Why should you care???Investors and Developers are leaving traditional console gaming to work in those fields. Yu Suzuki is a perfect example,he created Shenmue and Virtua Fighter among many others. Now he will be focused on Social games for Japan....sucks I know.

Regardless if this happens or not Sony and Microsoft fans need to come together.Hardcore gamers represent a very small percentage of the world.Instead of fighting about Halo vs Uncharted lets enjoy games as one....as brothers.Lets use our all hate on garbage like Farmville and Angry Birds lol joking joking!