Vegeta & Hiei: Two Very Similar Characters

In the world of Anime we usually see characters that are sometimes very similar. In this case I have found two characters that are very similar, however very different. Vegeta from Dragonball Z and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. You're probably wondering, what makes these two so similar and different? Let's examine these two great warriors purely based on their personal life, characterization and honor.

The Similarities: When we first meet Vegeta and Hiei, they are on the wrong side of the tracks. Vegeta is out to collect the seven Dragonballs and destroy Earth. Hiei is planning to kill Kayko and use his new weapon to build a demon army. Both characters are defeated by guys (Goku and Yusuke)who would later become they rivals. Both Vegeta and Hiei are used as aids to help they sworn rivals win their battles. Whether it was by giving some words of encouragement, or forcing them to unlock they full potential. Eventually these characters greatest rivals, became they greatest friends. Hiei and Vegeta personalities are very alike. Both of these guys are arrogant, driven, but if you look deeper into them both guys are hurt. Vegeta & Hiei backstories are a little similar. Both characters felt the pain of losing a family member. Vegeta losing his Father to Frieza. Hiei being abandoned by the Ice Apparitions and losing his Mother. The pain of this at a young age, leaves these characters no choice but to be strong as a defense mechanism. Both characters throughout the series appear cold and distant. It's only when they face death, despair and desperation, that their true self emerge. Vegeta revelations comes when he dies at Frieza's hands. He reveals to Goku, that Frieza killed his Father and force him to work for him. Hiei revelation is revealed during the Demon World Tournament saga. Here we see the demons Hiei must overcome in order to find solace within himself.

Many love Yusuke and Goku the most, however the transformation that Vegeta and Hiei go through to find themselves is more interesting. Vegeta and Hiei also live by a set of rules and code. These rules and code are sometimes compromise by their selfish ambitions. However make no mistake that Hiei and Vegeta live by a set of rules, that only they understand. Fighting styles these two are ruthless. Hiei and Vegeta show no mercy, and only respect fighters that best them or come close to it. Both characters had suffered major defeats to their egos, leaving them to train not only to reclaim their pride, but to make a statement. Hiei and Vegeta are two sides of the same coin. Both fight for pride, honor and have something hidden inside them driving them. It's the complex rules, passion, pain that makes these guys so much interesting. Whether it's the Dragon Flame, or the Final Flash these two characters are cut from the same cloth. Both started out as evil, but as the layers pulled off you see the humble side to them, the reason for why they are that way. Hiei and Vegeta are almost each other in their universes. Thank goodness they have never met.