Sony's PS3 Branded TV

As we all know E3 just passed and not much happened, well not much for Microsoft anyway, that was purely boring in my eye. I will say I loved what they shown of the new hardware but that was only the Wii U which is a silly name by the way and the PS Vita also another silly name.

After looking at them both I got to say I did like them and wanted them, but what caught my eye out of all shown at E3, was how Sony was now going to sell a cheap but good 24 inch 3D display. Now this is kind of a big deal for me mainly because the only thing that had 3D before were movies and the 3DS which I am planning to get after Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time comes out, but back to the point at hand. I think this is kind of a big deal.

I mean think about for a second. The PS3 for the longest is the best blue ray player on the market, and its only been going down in price. Sony has talked a lot about how they are all about 3D with the PS3, 3D movies on their Blu-Ray which is perfect with the PS3. The ever growing selection of 3D games that can just get an update to play in 3D, but there is something missing or to say better unable from most people to afford. The 3D TV. While this is not a 3D TV but a 3D monitor. This shows me as a consumer that Sony is truly into 3D . The problem with a lot of 3D TVs I have noticed is that many of them never come with the important glasses, this bundle comes with not just one pair but 2 pairs of what looks to be their best 3D glasses. While it is a 3D monitor and not a 3D TV, that can be fixed easy with just plugging in your cable or satellite TV into one if its 2 HDMI ports, and now you could use it as a TV.

There are more features of it but I don’t want to get into that I will post where you can pre-order it and read more about it. This move by Sony shows that they do want you to play in 3D and they are going to give you a good way to do it cheaply. Yes it is a small 24 inch screen but even Sony said it themselves, this is not for the living room, it is for college dorms and smaller rooms. Now if you can’t handle the size because you think you would have to sit close to it, then I' am not going to fight with you, however I will ask where else you can get a 3D capable monitor or TV for that size or anywhere close to that price that comes with an HDMI cable and 2 pairs of 3D glasses that is from a well known company and I will count Vizio, but can you find one for $500 that Sony is selling?

Sad news:

The bundle of the 3D monitor no longer comes with two pairs of 3D glasses just one pair now: LINK HERE