Sonic Needs To Be Evicted From Green Hill Zone

After playing the E3 "Sonic Generations" demo I wanted to throw up. I wasnt impressed by the same gameplay and im sooooo sick of green hill zone. That zone is so plain and safe its sad.Its like making pasta with no sauce or making a sandwich with no spread. Sega thinks the nostalgia will grab us old school gamers but instead it shows me they're trying to cash in on nostalgia instead of focusing on the gameplay. Yes we know the Sonic series is dead, I believe Green Hill is one of the reason why. If that's his home then you know what, its time to move...also Sonic when you move dont move into a land filled with blue skies and green grass(like Green Hill Zone).

Look at all these versions of Green Hill Zone.

Emerald Zone is pretty much the same damn thing!

Seaside Hill the same damn thing

Splash hill zone...Love how sega just takes the Green out the title

Green Grove Act sega? Really Looks like Green Hill Zone with a name twist