Chrono Crusade Review

Here is the review for the amazing 24 episode anime Chrono Crusade. Enjoy. ^-^

Sister Rosette and the devil Chrono are part of The Order of Magdalene Order, a place where exorcists reside to get ride of demons. Rosette and Chrono joined the Order for one reason; saving Joshua, Rosettes brother. He was taken away by a devil named Aion who's goal is to rule over everything. I will only introduce Rosette and Chrono because they are the first characters you'll see.

Sister Rosette is a very loud 16 year old girl. Her heart is in the right place however she manages to cause destruction to property. The point is she can get carried away. She has a kind heart and very brave. She is determined to get Joshua back no matter what even if it kills her.

Chrono is a devil and has been with Rosette since she was little. Chrono has two forms thanks to a neclace Chrono has. Since he is a devil he is allowed to make a contract with a person. The neclace holds that person's lifespan. When the neclace opens, Chrono changes into his devil form. Snce Rosette is his contractor, her life force is taken away by how much time Chrono is in his true form. Chrono is very loving and even though some people at the order are afraid of him, it doesn't matter as long as Rosette is with him. He is so cute in his normal form but sooo hot in his devil form *swoon*

Voice Acting
At some points of the anime it didn't register right to me but overall the voice acting was pretty good. Everyone had the right emotion and it doesn't sound rebotic. Although there is one girl in the series who's voice (for me) wasn't quite right but I'll say Bravo.

Of course the animation is top notch and the sound is pretty good. The opening theme is my favorite.

Rating: A

Overall this anime you should not overlook and should be on your shelves soon. Don't take my word for it? Watch the first episode on youtube. You'll see what I mean. Until next time. Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!