Captain America: The First Avenger Review

With the summer already giving us three superhero movies, we wonder can we take another one. The final superhero movie of the summer has arrived. Captain America finally gets his big budget debut. Does this film pack the punch, or should we not take the Captain's orders?

Story - After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals. That's the film synopsis.

The story is wonderful. Out of all the superhero movies this summer, this is the one that nailed the mythos accurately. Captain America tells the story of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a kind hearted man who just wants to serve his country. Problem is physically Rogers is not strong enough for the army. He's skinny, has tons of medical problems, but beneath all that he has a heart of a champion. Rogers is recognized by Dr.Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), he takes interest in Rogers and gives him the push for him, to be the new test subject for the super solider formula. The story is written very well. It contains enough backstory on Rogers for the audience to really relate to him. One of the themes I love in the movie is how the weak value power with more humility than someone who already has it. This theme is shown through the characters of Rogers and his foe Red Skull. Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) a man blessed with a fantastic mind, wants to rule the world with an iron fist. He views others as lower than he is. While Rogers views all as equals, he has honor, humility and when he gets the power he doesn't let him consume it. Captain America story packs enough balance of action and storytelling that you will stay interested. The only real complaint about the story is some of Captain's friends are not explored to much. Characters like Dum Dum (Neal McDonough) don't get enough screen time to know who he is. Other than that picky complaint, the story is a great ride of honor, fate and a call for justice.

Acting - Chris Evans say goodbye to Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four) and say hello to Captain America. Evans is purely amazing in this movie. He brings so much life and humility to Rogers. Every time he's on screen you can't help but cheer for the guy. Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter has wonderful chemistry with Evans. Her character is tough military woman who doesn't take any mess, however pull back the layers and you see a soft gentle woman, like Rogers just looking for the right partner. Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Chester Phillips plays a typical military boss, however Jones brings his usual witty charm that will remind you a little of Agent K from Men In Black. Finally Hugo Weaving nails a home run as Red Skull. I couldn't think of a better actor to play the iconic villian. Red Skull is a vicious, but you see that he is a man driven by a goal, no matter how psychotic he is. Weaving delivery on the dialogue is almost flawless. Overall the acting is one of the best out of the superhero movies this year.

Music & Filmmaking - The music is well done. The soundtrack packs some lighthearted compositions and compositions that are very patriotic. One song that will get stuck in your head is called "Star Spangled Man." This song has the feel of the classic 1940's music and it's a nice addition to the film. The film is shot very well. Director Joe Johnson knows how to capture the early years of America. The locations capture the spirit of the forties, but still have the comic book twist to it. It works bringing a realistic and stylish world. The pacing is smooth, but there are times where the film can feel a little dry and dead. The action scenes are average unfortunately, Capt doesn't do much but punch, dodge and throw his shield a couple of times. This is not a bad thing, because its more realistic for a solider to fight like that. However if you're expecting huge set pieces, after set pieces than your watching the wrong film. Captain America focuses more story than action. The action is there, but it's refreshing that the story was more important.

Final Grade B+/8.5 - Captain America is a great film filled with great characters, great acting, great themes and a villain who is enjoyable to watch. The movie can feel a little dry at the times, and the action is not the best out of the summer. However this film has heart, substance and you can't help but cheer for the film. Final Grade B+/8.5.