Think GEEK

Have you guys visited ThinkGeek for any of your geek shopping needs? This place is AWESOME! Especially since I've been on my comfy t-shirt stint.
Look at what they have! ...

These DC hockey jerseys I found while perusing Geek Modern is what led me to all things GEEK over at .... and they have tons for guys AND girls!
Interactive T-Shirt's... You can LITERALLY create your OWN Rock Band & walk up and down the street HA! 
Allll the DoctorWho stuffs any Whovian could imagine! 
Yummy Zombie&Bacon stuffs!
Unfortunately, I'd have to report that I'm not that impressed with the Monkeys collection of goods, but they have tons of practical gifts which DEFINITELY makes this site an overall winner ... I already bought keychains (WHILE doing this post)

The next time you wonder what to get the geek in your life who has everything, a nice "to do" from ThinkGeek maybe just the move! ;-D

Until next time!
~je t'adore!