Supernatural Anime

YAY! Well now I'm really a Supernatural fan and it's awesome. Now one of the best shows (in my opinion) is going to be an anime ands most of them are original episodes with twists! I've seen the trailer and I think this can be good. Plus people who aren't anime fans but are Supernatural fans will have the best of both worlds. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will be dubbing the show. I love anime and Supernatural. Two of my favorite things coming together to make something awesome. Yay! As you can tell I'm happy. The anime is 22 episodes long explaining basically the first season. It comes out July 26. On blueray it is $54.97 and on regular dvd is $49.98 (got this info on with the help of username Nueva74 on youtube. P.S click on Nuvea's links and you can find the episodes. Big shout out for giving out the info). Anyway go and check it out. Plus if any of the Supernatural cast and crew are reading this thank you for giving us such a great show. I wish I could go to the con in NJ but I can't. However I can still spread my Supernatural love. lol That's it for me guys. See ya ^-^. Anime and Supernatural Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not my vid. This is from Nueva74 on youtube. Look up the channel).