Thor Review

The summer season of Superhero movies is finally here. This year we have a bunch of new and familiar heroes gracing the big screen. The first one up to bat for the summer is Thor. Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, and Idris Elba. Does the God of thunder make an impact? Or does the lighting bolt miss it mark.

Story - The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

That's the synopsis for the film. The story is well told. The story will grab you from beginning to end, because of how well the characters are written. Thor is what you would called a spoil prince. He is arrogant and believes since he is the future king things should be handed to him. What follows is his banishment from his home Asgard. Thor is stripped from his powers and sent to Earth (Midgar) to live his life as a mortal. What keeps the story of Thor interesting is the theme of humility. The fact that a God has to learn how to be humble is enough to keep you going. The characters work well with this universe. It's written in a way that this type of story can be believable for today's time. The pacing works well as we start off with Thor getting ready to become King, then his banishment and how he will have to learn his lesson, then finally to the final chapter. Some fans will be disappointed with the lack of action, and dead scenes of Thor. However if you allow yourself to be invested in the story, you'll see that Thor is learning humanity and why we humans do what we do. The main characters such as Thor, Odin, Loki characterization works well. However the villains back story, especially the big metal guy could have been developed more. Finally if you are worried that Thor suffers from the over the top promotion of the upcoming "The Avengers" movie like Iron Man. Please have no fear. Thor is it's own movie. However Shield's presence is there, but it's not overshadowing the movie of Thor.

Acting - The acting in Thor is great. Chris Hemsworth is magnificent. He really put his heart into Thor, from his mannerism, his way of speech, to fighting style. Anthony Hopkins as Odin was wonderful as well. Truthfully I didn't know it was him, until I read the credits. I was really invested into the story to tell. Tom Hiddleston I really did enjoy as Loki. He brings that sympatheic character that you will understand his decisions. There is this one scene with Hopkins as they discuss Thor's banishment, where we really see the true Loki and you feel for him. The Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman was okay. I didn't really see much range in her role, but the script really didn't give her too much to do but be the love interest. Overall the acting was wonderful and everyone shines.

Music & Filmmaking - The opening composition really sets that Godly tone. There is something about a choir and strings that makes a scene feel more epic. The music is composed very well by Patrick Doyle. Strings, piano and choir use in certain scenes makes you feel part of the action. The scenery in the movie is beautiful! The shots of Asgard are done with such detail that I wish more scenes were film in this place. Other locations we're okay, most of the film was shot in New Mexico. The location won't wow you like other Superhero films, but what better place to humble a God then a place where he will have to humble. The action scenes were entertaining, but pretty basic. A swing of the hammer there, a little thunder there and the final fight was a let down. We really didn't get to see the God of thunder go full power. Here is hoping for more Thor in the future.

Final Grade B+/8.5 - Thor is entertaining, plays it safe so that the whole family can see it. The theme of humility and power works great with the character. The story pacing is good, however in his banishment some hardcore fans will be bored. The action is good, but could of been better if he had tougher enemies. What really makes this movie is the acting, the music, the visuals and theme of the story. I say check it out and give the God of thunder a shot.