Ten Star Wars Games You Must Play

Happy Star Wars Day! Today we geeks we're blessed with the story told from a galaxy far, far away. That galaxy has spawn many videogames over the years. However here are ten must play games from Star Wars. This list is in no particular order. Leave your favorite Star Wars games in the comment section.

1. Star Wars- Shadows Of The Empire: Why Shadow Of The Empire? This game has epic written all over it. Not only was this one of the great games of N64, but it had a nice storyline behind it. You played as Dash Render a mercenary who aids Luke to save Princess Leia.

2. Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast: Probably every Star Wars fan favorite game when it comes to Jedi's. Jedi Outcast not only had amazing lightsaber battles, it nearly perfected it. A wonderful story about a man's redemption back into the light. Also Billy Dee Williams returns in this. Great addition to what happens after Return Of The Jedi.

3. Super Star Wars Trilogy: If you had a Super Nintendo and didn't play Super Star Wars, then we have no comment for you. This game was a nice action side scroller that not only tested the limits of the SNES, but showed it's flight battles were awesome. Don't believe us play the Death Star stage.

4. Star Wars - Battlefront II: Battlefront II was addictive. This game not only had you controlling the Stormtroppers, using vehicles, but you get to play as various Sith and Jedi as well.

5. Star Wars - Rogue Squadron 2: If Star Wars had a flawless victory this game close to it. Rogue Squadron 2 had one of the most comfortable controls for a Star Wars flight game. The first stage with the attack of the Death Star is still a jaw dropper.

6. Star Wars - Knights Of The Old Republic: Star Wars and RPG? Yeah it worked in ways we couldn't even imagine. The players were able to create their own character. Taking them onto a journey, where they might join either the Jedi Or Sith based on their decisions was enough to make any Star Wars fan jizz.

7. Star Wars - The Force Unleashed: Darth Vader had an secret apprentice? Yup in this official cannon to what happens between episode III and IV. The story was interesting enough, the heart and love was there. The gameplay was so, so but you need to experience just how powerful the force can be.

8. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade: Countless quarters fell at the hands of this Arcade game. We never really got far in this game, because it's very challenging. However the game is one of the most fun Star Wars game we played.

9. Lego Star Wars Trilogy: Star Wars meets Lego's how can you not want to experience this? This game was funny, cute and still capture the heart of Star Wars.

10. Star Wars Podracer: The N64 version was so, so. However the Arcade version was badass! Sitting in an actual simulator of a Podracer is something we won't forget.