Stussy x Marvel

Again, I've had to leave for just a little while to let some art take hold for my latest art show installation. 

Now that you know what I've been into ... Let's get caught up on some fashion shall we! 

This post is something special for the geek guys that we all know & love! As a sneaker head & patron of Stussy's urban lifestyle movement, I was elated to find that this yummy urban brand has teamed up with Marvel for a TWO part artist tee series. We see these mashups happen often and a lot of times we assume it's the 'same ol thang!' but this has high hopes. Take a peek & judge for yourselves!


Find the COMPLETE skinny on this awesome collabo at Marvel

For a complete listing of tees, products, release dates other related features and to find a Stussy retailer near you or to order online visit our STUSSY fam online!

Hopefully there'll be more summer posts of geek wear & do-dads so stay tuned! 
Until next time!
~je t'adore!