Robotech Fanfiction: Entry #3 Spacefold

Justin Notes - The following Fanfiction is based on the events of Robotech: The Macross Saga. The story of the Macross Saga will be seen through the eyes of a Macross Island civilian. I wanted to tell a story of the Robotech War from a civilian’s point of view. The Fanfiction is told through journal entries from the civilian. In entry 3 Kenji tells us about his experience in the shelter, and dealing with the lost of his beloved Rika.

Entry 3 – Spacefold
Entry Date – February 5 2014
Entry Name – Kenji Takeda

“Sakura, Rika is…. Rika and I got separated on our way here. She is probably on her way to another shelter.”

I couldn’t think of the words to tell Sakura, so I did what anybody would do in a situation like this. I decided to bend the truth a little in order to spare Sakura the heartbreak of Rika’s death. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. In fact I felt horrible about that decision. How can I tell Sakura that she lost her only daughter? Rika was the only person Sakura had left in this world. Sakura had seen a lot of hardships in her lifetime. She was a survivor of a great war a long time ago, her entire family was killed when a bomb drop in the area. She grew up homeless and was force to sell her body in order to survive. At age 21 she was pregnant with Rika and they live poor for a while until she finally married. Life for her got a little better; she raised Rika with her husband. However adversity would sneak its little head into their lives again. Sakura husband Yin died in a car crash shortly after the marriage. Sakura was devastated for a long time. She would face countless depression, over and over again. According to Rika she still suffers from it till this day. Now you know why I couldn't tell her. Judge me if you wish, but I couldn’t be responsible for Sakura’s tears.

After reassuring Sakura that Rika is at another shelter, I decided to walk around to try to find my own family. I don’t know if it was me or was it the shelter but I was hot. I could feel my temperature rising, as I walked around searching for my family. The scenery of doctors, nurses and civilians performing first aid wasn’t helping my body. Anxiety was kicking in and I could feel my vision getting blurry. My breathing became heavy and I started to sweat. My body was getting weaker with each walk. My eyes were getting watery and all I can remember was a sound of a large boom.

It was hours later and I woke up in a bed. I looked around and saw I was still in the shelter. Sakura was right by my side with a motherly smile on her face. She held my hand, and gave a huge *sigh* of despair. Her face look like she knew a secret and that it was about to be revealed to me. She gave me a quick hug.

“Kenji I’m so sorry. Yoko and Osamu have passed on.” Sakura said.

“My parents are gone?” I asked her.

“They were brought in as you passed out. They were wounded and lost too much blood. “Sakura explained.

My heart drop and I couldn’t say anything. All I could put together in my head was Rika and now my parents are dead. I still haven’t told Sakura the truth and there was no way I would now.

“There has been a lot of explosions and gunfire happening while you were outside. Nobody knows what’s going on. I just hope Rika’s okay. Kenji you can stay with us, when things calm down. You’re like a son to me and I would it if you stayed with me. We should wait here until they give news on the other shelters.” Sakura said.

I couldn’t talk all I did was nod yes to Sakura. Little did Sakura know that she would be waiting, for someone that will never come. It was my entire fault that Rika’s dead. If I left when she was pleading me too, she would have survived. I had to tell Sakura the truth, but how would I break the news to her. I guess I would wait for an answer to come to me. This was going to be a long wait.

Entry 3 Over
Kenji Takeda