Reynard City

Do you like Foxes? Do you like action? Do you like Foxes that kick a lot of ass? Check out Reynard City. Reynard City is a web comic series you should check out. What is the story about? Here is the official description below from the site.

"The story begins on the planet Animal Kingdom, as the last surviving animals prepare to fight Mega Fox and his robot army. Leading the way is Vibes, a headstrong psychic. However, the mysterious Chief wants her for a top secret mission…"

The characters are interesting. I like the concept of an Animal war. Some characters to look out for is the antagonist "Mega Fox." Mega Fox is a villain who I would call "Power Driven." It's his ways or the highway. He has the ability to transform into various vehicles such as, Tank, Jet and even a Mecha. I like his back-story and he brings a real threat to the other characters. Another great character is AK Girl (Vibes) she is a psychic with a mouth. She is a very tough girl. Being a smart-ass myself I like to see characters who are not afraid to tell it like it is. I also like the fact she can't fully control her powers. As powerful as she is, she gets into a lot of trouble, and has to find herself out of a situation. Give it shot you will be wrapped into this struggle for freedom, responsibility, humility and power plus it has Foxes :).

The story and characters are well done. The webcomic is free to read at their site Reynard City and you can also follow them on Reynard City Twitter Also like them on Facebook Reynard City Facebook.

Here is a video of Reynard City crew talking about a TV Pilot for the comic.

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