Is Boba Fett Overrated?

Boba Fett is one of Star Wars most popular characters. Fans first saw the bounty hunter in "Empire Strikes Back." After watching the entire Star Wars series again. A question popped in my head. That question was, why is Boba Fett so popular? There is always been a division between Fett heads and non Fett heads. Let's take a look at Boba Fett strictly from his two appearances from the Original Star Wars movies, from both fan perspectives.

Non Boba Fett Fans Perspective: To non Boba fans they really don't see a big deal about him. He only appeared in two movies and really didn't do much. His appearance in "Empire Strikes Back" is more like a cameo than a supporting role. He doesn't have that much lines and he just escorts Han Solo to Jabba The Hut. In Return Of The Jedi, Fett finally does get a little action, but he is taken down in a way that takes any creditability he might have had. To the non Fett fan they really don't see a big deal about him. He really didn't make an impact or effect the course of the series in anyway. The non Fett fans do have a point. Fett appearance in "Empire Strikes Back" was short. His death in "Return Of The Jedi" could've been more epic like his father Jango. Non Fett fans do have some valid points. If you watch the two films that Fett appeared in, you might start to question what was the big deal about him.

Fett Fans Perspective: For the Fett fans Boba is one of the best villains in the Star Wars universe. Not only is he a Bounty Hunter, but he is mysterious. We really don't know nothing about Boba Fett background (until Episode 2). Nothing screams excitement than a villain that is surrounded in mystery. Fans fell in love with Fett presence and appearance. Out of all the new characters in "Empire Strikes Back" Boba stood out the most. Maybe it was due to his bad ass attire, the jet-pack or the fact that this guy was driven to finish his job. You can't say anything bad about the Fett. To the Fett fan he plays a huge role in the Star Wars Universe. Fett is the one who capture Han Solo in Cloud City. He's the one that track him down. The line Vader says to him "No disintegration" makes you want to know more about his ruthless tactics. Boba is a smart villain in the eyes of the Fett fans. In Return Of The Jedi, you finally see Boba in action with his gun and jet-pack. Fans rejoiced and cried when he met his end. One thing fans love about him is the mystery behind the helmet. Who is he? What emotions does he feel? Fans love that feeling and his awesome weapons, profession and mannerism is the icing on the cake.

What do you think? Is Boba Fett overrated? Or his cult status well deserved? Let us know in the comment section.