A Lolita Must Have :: Rocking Horse Shoes

A Lolita MUST HAVE for any occassion of dressing Lolita would be the Vivienne Westwood rocking horse platform mary janes. 
These shoes have become a staple in Lolita fashion since Westwood introduced them in 1993. I won't lie! seeing them in person was very intimidating. They look big, heavy, & uncomfortable, but truthfully, they're some of the best "walk on air" shoes I'd ever imagine!

While the originals offer thick leather traps that attach via velcro at the top, there have been adaptations using satin, for a true ballerina look when you rock forward onto the toe, or thin leather straps that can be tied into a neat bow or knot at the string's meet.


Since Westwood's groundbreaking design for Lolitahood and the must-have's being all the rave in the film, Kamize Girls, the "rocking horse" platform sole has been adopted to make all types of shoe styles ... even more involved mary janes & boots! 


Well! After all that, I'm gonna go put mine on & get on out to enjoy some sunshine!

Until Next Time!
~je t'adore!