Geeky Cakes Pt.5 (Wedding Edition)

I' am back with another look at some geeky cakes. This time we walk down the aisle with some wedding cakes with a geeky theme. The first cake is absolutely beautiful. This cake is with Mario, Peach and other characters from Super Mario. It even has the mushroom castle on top. The second cake has math with a love them too it. How much divides your love? It's a cute cake. The third cake is really clever. It's the Tetris cake, a very unique style to this cake. I wonder how it taste. The fourth cake is the Pacman cake, nothing says I love you like the Pacman. The fifth cake is the a couple fighting zombies on top of a cake. This is very creative. The last cake is from Stargate enter another world, with this cake. They all look so yummy. Cake Rules!!!