An Everyday 'Road to Lolita'

Ohhhh my! It's my last consecutive post about a very interesting & colorful road to Lolita(hood). I'm seeing that I could go on and on about this forever & ever AMEN! But help us all, there's TOOOONNNSSS of other Otaku & Geek fashion out there to cover.
Don't worry! I'm not stopping my Lolita movement around these parts, so I'll still post about my Lolita MISS-Adventures and even some interviews by some amazing Lolis! Until then, I'm going to be sure to leave you with some tips from my Loli buddy, Loli Hara, on getting into Lolita & some ways to carry Lolita with you everyday, even when you can't dress 100%

What would your advice be to those getting into lolita?

I would say that you should put YOU into that look however you can, because eventually you will be asked to explain why you’re dressing this way. I think you should understand where that style comes from, why people dress that way, and be able to relate that back to why YOU do it. Even if its just as simple as, it’s cute.” While doing you, I would suggest still looking at pictures of culturally authentic , and learning what the other styles are. Like, I have dressed more Lolita, but my style is kind of more kawaii. 

If you understand fundamentally what that style is, you don’t have to order your clothes from overseas. You can find cool pieces in places as mainstream as Macy’s. And the BIGGEST thing of course is to do it with confidence, knowing that (especially if you’re black) you’re doing something very different that your local culture may not have made room for. Either you’re going to pave the way for others to do it…or you won’t. It’s not really like you owe the world anything. If that’s really a part of you, then let that be enough to keep you motivated, even if others give you the o_O face.

In transforming into your Lolita-self, Loli Hara gave me a few pointers on integrating some accessories into everyday wear, in the event that you can't dress Loli, but you feel it in your soul! Here are some pics of what she integrates in everyday wear.

I'm still getting my "traditional" Lolita closet together, but these are some fun "do me" looks that I've been able to pull off ... mostly with items that were in my closet that screamed "I'm cute so wear me!"

 Right now, I'm into accessorizing my ears, socks, & bloomers BABY! 
   But I'm getting close! 
Until the next time! Enjoy your Road to Lolita & feel free to share with us here ANYTIME! >^.*<
~je t'adore!