Easter FunTime = 6% DokiDoki

So in the good ol' U.S. of A. Easter grandure is filled with yummy pastel colors, fun patterens, & toonnnssss of sweet. With a colorful flair for fairy & decora style fashion/ accessories, it'll give you a sweeetttttt tooth just looking at it. But! It's soooooooo yummy!

There's not too much I need to share about this great vision turned reality by artist/ owner, Sebastian Mesuda. Peep the video as he & his vision have already graced the shores of the US, San Fran to be exact!
Here are some cool things to check out! and Happy EASTER! However you see this day, it's always a GREAT day for some kawaii fun! >^.*<

What could be a BETTER mash up than the sweet sweet goodness of 6% in a Popples room installation! I'm just sayin! *eeeeek!*
okies! until next time >^.*<
~je t'adore!