Anime Videogames: The Hits & Misses (Part 2)

It's time for part 2 of The Hits & Misses of Anime Videogames. This time most of the games you probably haven't played, unless you imported it. Let's check out some Anime games.

Gunslinger Girl

The Hits: Great gunplay, maid outfits, keeps the feel and spirit of Gunslinger Girl. There is 3 volumes 1,2,3.

The Misses: No music from the original series, the gameplay can get repetitive.

Zatch Bell

The Hits: Tag team goodness of Zatch Bell. Graphics are nice to look out, very cool characters.

The Misses: Gameplay is average and can get boring.

Ouran High School Host Club

The Hits: Capture the spirit of Ouran High. Great voice work and awesome cutscenes.

The Misses: Only in Japan.

SGT. Frog

The Hits: Great 2d platformer, cool characters and a very nice soundtrack, great weapons and gadgets.

The Misses: Only in Japan.

Astro Boy

The Hits: You get to play Astro Boy.

The Misses: Graphics, Gameplay, Voice Acting, and many more.

Vampire Hunter D

The Hits: You get to play as Vampire Hunter D, it captures the feel of the movies and Manga.

The Misses: Gameplay, voice acting, graphics could be better.

Sailor Moon Arcade

The Hits: Sailor Moon beat em up. Great gameplay and graphics.

The Misses: Very rare game to find.