Tron Evolution Review

Step into the world of TRON with the prequel to TRON Legacy. Is this worth the trip to the game grid? Or should you play another grid.

Story - Things are not right in The Grid. The Grid has evolved from the original system. Kevin Flynn has discovered a race of new programs called the ISO's or Isomorphic Algorithms. These are programs without a user and have free will. When the ISO Jalen is murdered. Flynn creates a security monitor program "Anon" to help find out what happen. Without giving any spoilers away, the story is a decent tie into to how Clu comes to power. It does of good job of explaining what happen to Flynn and you see more of Quorra. However we still don't get a full explanation on the ISO's and why they are so important.

Gameplay - The gameplay is a third person action/beat em up/ platformer. The gameplay is average and has a lot of issues in the platforming department. The fighting system is average. Anon uses 4 type of disc to defeat different type of enemies. He uses the Heavy Disc, Bomb Disc, Corruption Disc, and Stasis Disc. Depending on the enemy you will use a certain type of disc. For example the battle tanks can only be defeated by the Bomb Disc. Once you figure out which disc, effects what enemies the game gets very repetitive. It's platform to an area, fight an enemy, or push a button to move to the next area. The game does consist of Lightcycles and Battle Tank sequences, however it's not what you expect. The Lightcycles are escape sequences and the Battle Tank is fun but gets very repetitive quickly. One of the major flaws in this game is the platforming. I have never died so much in a videogame ever. The platform needed to be executed better. Expect to die a lot in this game, not because the game is hard but because the platforming is not great. The platforming will remind of you Prince Of Persia but less enjoyable. You have to jump at the exact angle with the best precision to succeed. This isn't a problem if you love a challenge, however for the casual gamers this might be a turn off. The game has RPG elements of upgrading you're character to make him stronger. Players are able to upgrade health, disc, vehicles and energy. he upgrades work best in the Multiplayer. This mode consists of your standard Deathmatches, Capture The Flag (Bit) and etc with a Tron twist. Some modes have Lightcycles and Tanks and most is better on foot. However they don't have matches based on you're level. Be prepare to be mismatch with someone on a higher level.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics do really well to capture the world of TRON. The Grid looks very similar to The Grid in TRON Legacy. A lot use of neon blue and black. However you will feel that some places and set pieces are the same. Also Quorra animation is not that great. Other than those little complaints I really enjoy the graphics.

Sound - The music is fantastic. There are two tracks from Daft Punk "The Grid" and "Derezzed." The other music is not by Daft Punk. However it's composed by Cris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan, Kevin Manthei and they made sure it sounds Daft Punk like. I thought the soundtrack was very well done. The voice acting is also great as well Olivia Wilde and Bruce Boxleitner reprises their roles, as Quorra and TRON. Jensen Ackles also lend his voice to the game. The sound is great and sounds great in surround sound.

Replay Value - Minus the Multiplayer and collecting a few items. The Grid doesn't offer much. However TRON fans will play Multiplayer to death.

Final Grade C-/7.0 - TRON Evolution has it's issues, but TRON fans will still find it enjoyable. Non TRON fans will find there are better action games, that execute better. The game is not terrible just average, repetitive and flawed. The sound, graphic and some gameplay are wonderful, however lack of Lightcycles and Grid games will leave you disappointed.