Stupid Zombies Review

I downloaded "Stupid Zombies" for my Samsung Epic 4G this week. The cellphone game is made by GameResort. Is this free download worth checking out? Or should you let the zombies roam free?

Story - There is no story to this game. However I will repeat what the tagline says, "One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies."

Gameplay - The gameplay is very simple and very addictive. Players are given 5 bullets to take out a bunch of stupid zombies. The less bullets you use, the higher your score. Don't think that it's just a point and shoot game. This game takes strategy to kill these stupid zombies. You have over 240 levels with various stages. Each stage is more challenging and complex than the next. Their will be levels where you have to waste a bullet to open up a section to kill the zombies. However if you think carefully you can still kill all the zombies with one bullet. The game is simple and has enough levels to keep you entertain while you are on the road.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The art style is very cool. The zombies are all the same, but that is just being picky. The explosion works well and I had no lag issues whatsoever. Each stage has a different background so you are playing the same location each stage. Overall the graphics are simple and sometimes simple is good.

Sound - There isn't much going on in the sound department. The game has little, to no background music. Most of the sound you will hear will be the shots, the zombies and the explosions. A little more music would've been welcomed.

Replay Value - There are tons of levels and stages. Stupid Zombies will keep you busy, if you're a perfectionist you will want a high score on every level.

Final Grade B-/8.0 - Stupid Zombies is fun and gets challenging. It's a great game to kill time with. Zombie lovers should check this out. The gameplay and graphics are simple, but the lack of music kind of takes away from the game. Overall it's free so why not give this a download.