How To Start A Blog

There are many people out in the world who would like to start a blog. However many people don't know how to start one, or which service to host their blog for. There are tons of sites to host your blog such as, Blogger, Wordpress, some use Tumblr. We use Blogger because we found it more easier to use and manage. All three are great and have their strengths and weakness. Research which one best fits your needs. Let's get started on how to start a blog.

Step 1 - Blueprinting

1. After you have chosen your hosting site. Come up with an idea on what you'll blog about. It's important to know who you're target audience will be and how you'll market the blog to them. Don't just act on you're first idea. Think about it for at least 3 days on what you will blog about, how you will approach it. What type of content will you provide? Ask yourself some of these questions.

1. How often will I blog? Will I blog weekly, a couple days a week or daily?

2. Will I have videos? If so how will I upload the videos?

3. Will my site be interviewing guests and doing reviews?

4. Am I trying to make money off this blog? How much space do I want for ad's etc?

5. Who is my target audience and how can I go beyond that, without losing the target audience?

These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself. Answering them with a plan will help make the blog more successful. Get the pen and paper and start blueprinting.

Step 2 - The Look Of The Blog
For those who are blessed enough to have training in web designs then you can skip this step. For people who don't know anything about HTML, C++, etc. Read this step.

1. There are many sites that you can get templates for you're blog. The one that we went too was BTemplates. BTemplates has a variety of templates for many categories. They even include adapted templates from Wordpress. Note this site is used for people using blogger.

2. Wordpress users can check out Wordpress Themes Base. This site has over 92 pages of templates and it's FREE!

Step 3 - Blogging and Marketing
Now that you have you're blog face and the plan ready. It's time to get to work and put everything into action. The question at this point is how do you attract an audience. Well there are tons of ways to market yourself. You have social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. You have sites like Youtube to help get you're face out there. Also there is Podcasting. So many ways to get you're blog know. Choose the best method that suits you. If you want big attention use all of these resources.

1. Make sure to submit the blog to every search engine site you think of, like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

2. Create a Facebook Fan Page for you're blog. Twitter and Myspace as well. Use the social network to you're advantage.

3. Use word of mouth. Have you're friends and family spread the word to everyone they know about you're blog.

4. This is very important. You must above all else have charisma. Keep you're readers entertained. Make whatever you are blogging about fun, original as possible and refreshing, that way they will subscribe and keep coming back.

5. Be consistent. You don't know how many bloggers are not consistent with their blog. It's important to interact with you're readers and post consistently.

Step 4 - How To Conduct Interviews?

Depending on what type of blog you have. You would want to conduct interviews with people who are popular in that field. How do you find the people you want to interview? Well don't expect to be interviewing people like Oprah anytime soon (unless you are bless like that).

1. Google to see if the person you would like to interview has an OFFICIAL website. Usually the official website has contact information. Email the contact with the subject Interview Opportunities. Email the possible interviewee with information on who you are, what you're site is about and if there is any current time in there schedule to do an interview. Also a little compliment won't hurt either. Don't get discourage if you don't hear a reply. Sometimes it takes months for people to get back to you (trust us we know!). When you have a date and time for the interview it's time to begin the process.

2. Research other interviews that the person has done. You don't want the person repeating themselves over and over again.

3. Keep you're questions clearly on topic. Leave their personal lives out of the interview it's none of you're business. If you are going to ask personal questions ask them ahead of time, so they can give a proper answer. You do not want to offend the person you are interviewing.

4. Do not do group or round table interviews. Make sure to make you're interviews one on one. You want to get the most out of an interview not just for you're readers but for the fans as well. Round table or group interviews you don't get all you're questions answer and you are limited to what you can ask. If the only interview you can get is group or round table with that person, then try again some other time.

5. Treat every interviewee the same. Everyone who is a guest at you're blog is a star. No one is too big and no one is too small. Make the interview exciting and fun.

Step 5 - Dealing With Teammates
If you're blog is not a single effort and you have a team then you need to lay some ground rules.

1. Everyone completes what they are assign to do.

2. There are no stars on the team. If you shine, everyone should shine.

3. Address everything with you're team. I mean everything if you're going to get AD money, let them know.

4. Keep you're teammates morale level high. Make them want to write on the blog.

5. Have fun.

Step 6 - Enjoyment
Final step is easy. Have fun!