Geeky References In Lupe Fiasco Lyrics

Tomorrow the long awaited album "Lasers" from Lupe Fiasco will be out. I' am a huge Lupe Fiasco fan and love what he brings to true Hip Hop. We usually don't do a post on Music Artist unless it's Otaku or Geeky related. However if you listen to Lupe's lyrics deep enough, he makes plenty of references to a lot of geeky things. In celebration of Lasers released. Let's check out some geeky references in Lupe's lyrics.

"And He Gets The Girl" - "And He Gets The Girl" is a song about a nerd asking out the girl he desires. He's nervous and doesn't think he has a chance. Little does the nerd know his objection of affection is a nerd too. This is one of my favorites from Lupe. In this song Lupe mentions FPS and Final Fantasy in the second verse.

"And I know you played the tuba. I seen you at the recital. It takes a lot to get up there and embarrass yourself. But you shouldn't put down you should merit yourself. That's just mean you not a punk. I like the loneliest monk hest the wallpaper on my computer, I love final fantasy, I hate first person shooters (Me too).Meteora was nice but I bought Hybrid Theory twice."

"Ooh" - In this song of lyrical slaughter Lupe gives one quick line to Super Mario. "I'm the worst case scenario bump heads for coins like Mario." In Super Mario you have to jump on the heads of the koopa's in order to defeat them. Bump heads for coins. Nice!

Gold Watch - Besides "Dumb It Down" which I will show you references next. Gold Watch is one of my favorite songs from his second album "The Cool." In this song Lupe references to his likes such as Japanese Manga and his hate for Zangeif in Street Fighter 2.

"Monocle Magazines and Japanese Manga, Futura noz furatus and HTM trainers. I like Street Fighter 2 I just really hate Zangeif. Only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to beat Blanka. I keep a Wii ninja hanging and a Unkle album banging,
If you negative in energy stay out of the vicinity of..."

"Dumb It Down" - Dumb It Down is such a complex song, till this day I can't make out all the references Lupe makes. I only caught three references one to the Matrix, Super Mario and Adam's Sandler's film "Big Daddy."

Matrix Reference in Dumb It Down - "Took both pills, when a bloke in a trench coat and the locs in the chair had approached him here." What movie you know besides The Matrix had a guy offering you both pills in a trench coat?

Super Mario Reference in Dumb It Down? - "Rider of the white powder, picker of the fire flowers, spit hot fire like Dylon on Chappelle's skit." Too be fair I'm not sure if it's a reference to Super Mario. However picker of the fire flower sounds a lot like Mario.

Big Daddy Reference in Dumb It Down - "Who exudes confidence and excess depth. Even Scuba Steve would find it hard to breathe
around these leagues. My snorkle is a tuba, Lu the ruler around these seas."
In Big Daddy the little boy Adam Sandler adopted has a toy name Scuba Steve.

"Much More" - Another great song from Lupe. This time he gives a quick reference to "The Lord Of The Ring: Return Of The King." "So I return to the ring, like Return of the King, with the habit of a hobbit it makes it hard to drop it."

Jedi Mind Tricks - In this freestyle Lupe makes a quick reference to Gameboy Advanced and gives the famous Jedi goodbye.

Gameboy Advanced Reference - "The boy-game Advanced, complete the genesis."

May The Force Be With You - From the horror to the cure, don't force the issue. To my n***as in the war, may the force be with you (like uh)."

"Spray Paint" - I'm not sure that if Lupe is referencing anything in this song. However the lyrics is so Sci-Fi based that I had to mention the lyrics.

"You know he didn't have enough power in his thrusters to muster warp 5. Plus if he pushed it the fuel cells could rupture, then they would die. Then the galaxy would suffer, but he knew he had to try. But he couldn't risk it, put the cure in the escape pod and kissed it.Told her goodbye, she started to cry. But he knew if he could distract em. He could buy her some time and she could make it out alive. Turn the suit around and got prepared for the stand off. Space mind have Lou running the hands off. Damaged laser cannons and he got the system jammed and he faced the whole fleet, blood seeping through his teeth. The final saga in the seven planet wars, unsheethed the sword and then he charged forward. His eyes flashed behind the cracked cock pit glass, he let out a laugh and then all she heard was a blast like..."

There are plenty of geeky references Lupe makes if you pay attention to his lyrics. If you know any more list them in the comment section. Lasers drops March 8th 2011.