Video Game Industry Is Becoming A F'N Joke

L.A. Noire will have retailer exclusive DLC.
Really...Really... as the Miz so eloquently put it. Now this isn't a new thing but the "cute" trend has turned nasty this time around.
Rockstar announced that depending on where you pre-order the game will determine what dlc you get. We usually hear about a Gamestop bonus ie:Pre Order Split Second and receive a Gamestop car(who cares) but this time five..count them five retailers are involved. Gamestop, Walmart,Best Buy, Amazon & .

Pre-Order from
Gamestop: "Naked City" Mission
Walmart: "A slip of the tongue" Mission
Best Buy: "The Sharpshooter" detective suit
Amazon: "The Broderick" detective suit Free t-shirt (not as bad)

Where do we draw the line? I want to experience the WHOLE game when i spend my $60 not portions. If I don't preorder look how much I will miss out on wtf. I don't mind the little outfits but missions....MISSIONS!! Sorry I'm pissed.
I'm sure the extras will be sold as DLC later but why should I have to pay for something that was done when the game went gold. DLC ripoffs are another post for another day.