Top 5 Batman TAS Episodes

I've been watching a lot of Batman TAS (The Animated Series) lately. I have come up with a list of my top five favorite episodes. Tell me your list in the comment section below.

5. House And Garden

Synopsis - Poison Ivy appears to have gone straight and become a suburban homemaker, nevertheless Batman suspects her of a series of plant based crimes in Gotham City.

Justin - This is in my top five for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that you get a very creepy invasion of the body snatchers feel. When Poison Ivy just takes someone's family and recreates it on how she sees fit, it's spooky. The second reason is we finally see what Ivy is truly after. She's after love and acceptance of who she is. In the episode we see Ivy living a normal life. We see the human side of her and it was refreshing to see her of who she wants to be. The final reason I choose this episode is the ending. The ending sums up everything, when Ivy is on the plane looking at the photo album. She glances at her wedding photo and begins to cry. Batman's narration of that scene makes it even more heartbreaking. "Ivy lost everything, everything she said she ever wanted. For what it's worth I believe her, when she told me for the first time in her life, she was happy."

4. Almost Got'Im

Synopsis - The Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc play cards and tell stories about the time each one almost got Batman only to have the revolution of Batman being there the whole time listening to their stories.

Justin - This is one well written episode. I loved the concept of this episode. For an episode with a lot of villains it's amazing that everyone shines. Each story is enjoyable to watch and the surprise of Batman at the end really seals the deal.

3. Two Face

Synopsis - Harvey Dent has a secret that ends up costing him half his face.

Justin - This is another great episode and one of the best Batman villains. This episode was so good it took two parts to complete. I really love these episodes because it's another character study on a Batman foe. Here we see a once good man, go into the darkness. Harvey Dent is a tragic story and the way the TAS showed it was great.

2. Mad Love

Synopsis- Harley recounts how she became involved with the Joker, and is determined to prove that she is still useful by trapping Batman.

Justin - If you haven't notice by now. I love the Batman episodes with character study. Mad Love is a character study on the Joker and Harley Quinn's relationship. Here we see how Harley fell in love with the Joker. We see the human side of Harley and even the Joker when he tells a story about his dad. Even though the Joker makes up his origin every time, you still feel for him the way Harley did. Also Batman actually laughs in a sadistic way in this one.

1. Growing Pains

Synopsis - A young girl is on the run from a dangerous man and Robin tries to protect her. But Batman discovers there is something much more dangerous at work.

Justin - This is my favorite episode. You're probably asking yourself why. Out of all the episodes what makes this one so special? The reason "Growing Pains" is my favorite episode because of the reality of the theme. Batman says it at the end "Sometimes there are no happy endings." Here we have Tim Drake (Robin) meeting a girl who is a runaway. He develops a crush on her and finds out that she's a part of Clayface. Clayface needs her so he can be at 100 percent. Robin can't face that fact that Annie isn't real. When Clayface finally gets her, he snaps and it's only when Batman steps in that he calms down. Also what I love in this episode is the musical score. The song play when Robin is walking through the slums of Gotham and he see's a homeless family is heartbreaking. Finally it's a character study on Tim Drake. He meets someone like him, who had the same situation that he had and he wants to protect that person. The ending is a dose of reality that Robin needed to learn and this is why it's called "Growing Pains." Reality bites and it's not always a happy ending.

Growing Pains Episode Pt. 1

Growing Pains Pt. 2