Tank Hero (Mobile Review)

I finally upgraded my phone (YAY!) so I decided to start downloading some games. This one game in the Android Market got a great rating. It's called "Tank Hero." Is it worth the download?

Story - There is no story for this game.

Gameplay - The game consists of two modes Campaign Mode and Survival Mode. Campaign Mode is you taking your tank on over 40 levels. Each level more enemies appear and the design of the map becomes complex. Survival Mode is a when you take your tank into a wave of battles. There are different maps to unlock for Survival Mode by completing Campaign Mode. The controls work smoothly. The game operates on touch screen with an integrated d-pad. You fire the missiles by tapping the touchscreen. Basic controls but really effective. When you are hit three times you are dead. Overall the gameplay is simple but very fun to play.

Graphics - The graphics are really nice 3D. It looks great on the phone, no lagging issues. The design levels are great and some will make you think on how to attack your enemies.

Sound - The sound is great. This game has a great music and the menu composition sounds wonderful. In a way it gets you pump to play the game. The sound effects are loud and clear and makes playing the game more enjoyable.

Replay Value - The Survival Mode adds plenty of replay value, with edition to upgrades.

Final Grade B+ - Tank Hero is free and is worth checking out. It has two modes, but it feel repetitive. However it's fun to play and you should at least check it out.